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Stats addiction – statistikberoende?

Are you a stas addict? Har du ett statistikberoende? The addiction usually starts in the beginning of blogging without any obvious signs. Beroendet startar vanligen i början av blogglivet utan några tydliga tecken. You get excited over the fact that someone likes your posts. Du känner en kick av att någon faktiskt har gillat ditt… Continue reading Stats addiction – statistikberoende?

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Hey yesterday I was six years old!

Can you believe it? It's been six year since some of us first met here at our nice kittle blog corner of the world. Then we have became a huge number of friends here. It's so nice to see you all here. I wish I could hang out here more often visiting your blogs. I… Continue reading Hey yesterday I was six years old!

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Happy new blogging year :)

I've been here on wp since 2012 and this is my journey from then until now. Jag har hängt här på wp sedan 2012 och här följer min blogghistoria från då till nu. First I was afraid, I was petrified... Första årets närvaro här framkallade i det närmaste rädsla och skräck I used the blog… Continue reading Happy new blogging year 🙂

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Not a clever way to blog…

...but a nice way to blog I blog because of you all, not for the stats. I like when you come visit my blog and I like visiting your blogs and check out how you're doing all over the world. You teach me new things everyday. Thank you 🙂 So what's not a clever way… Continue reading Not a clever way to blog…

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How do I find you? 

Have you ever wondered how people find your blog? I can tell you that most of the visitors on my blog comes from wp reader. You probably use the wordpress app on your digital device or use wordpress on your computer. If you find my blog posts in your reader, the stats says x views… Continue reading How do I find you? 

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It’s only a number

and nothing more, but still, I think it's unbelievable  1798 followers!  I'm not on any other social media, I'm only here on wp with all of you.  I don't think of what to write to get extra views, followers or likes. I don't randomly press like on thousands of blogs to get attention to my… Continue reading It’s only a number

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It’s spreading again

On the fb page "Mötesplats 0156" (swedish for meeting space 0156) you can se a post about my blog post "Trosa politicians -think again/Trosapolitiker - besinna er!" If your on fb and want to support Save Trosa nature movement, please visit the page and leave a like. If you don't like the idea of Saving… Continue reading It’s spreading again

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The magic of likes

What do you think happens when you press the like button on a blog post? I answer the question for you. 1. The writer of the post will see your like in the notifications. 2. The like notifications provides a possibility to click further to your blog for the blog writer. You have a chance… Continue reading The magic of likes

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Reading stats the wrong way

   Are you a stats freak or do you not care for such things at all? I'm a bit of both and my interest for stat figures has changed during my blogging time here on wp. At first I was thrilled over the activity in the stats. Some days peaked and others there were almost… Continue reading Reading stats the wrong way

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There’s nothing wrong with your blog

I bet you have thought that thought one or two times in your blog life. Maybe one or more of these situations are familiar to you. 1. I've just started my blog and the theme looks fabulous and I have made some awesome posts, but no one visit my blog, what is wrong with my… Continue reading There’s nothing wrong with your blog

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Silly smiles

Have you noticed the silly smile that's show up in your face when someone has left a comment on one or two of your posts? Even a little 🙂 can bring out that silly smile. If you have people around you when manage your blog or read comments on other blogs, they will probably wonder… Continue reading Silly smiles

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Stats weirdness

   I like wp's weird stats. Today I got 101 likes so far, but only 43 views!  I'v learned that when you press like from the reader without click at the post for showing the whole post, the view stats don't count your view. So I probably have 101 views and not 43 today. But… Continue reading Stats weirdness

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How do you catch up?

I'm in constant trouble with finding an organized and not so time consuming way of catching up reading your blogs. Right now with lack of time I do it very randomly and often by clicking the likes notifications in wp app. It's a pretty good way because I get to a section where I can… Continue reading How do you catch up?

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Stats addiction?

   We're nothing like this ha? We can stop when ever we want? We're not in for it for the stats at all. We're just having fun. Not seeking likes, views, followers or comments? I didn't think so either. But maybe some people think this of us. Addicts to blogging. But - blogging is good… Continue reading Stats addiction?