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The open letter is spreading – det öppna brevet sprider sig

A friend thought I should ask the newspapers to help sharing the open letter to all leaders. En klok vän tyckte att jag skulle försöka få tidningarna att dela det öppna brevet till alla ledare. So far two of them have answered. The net newspaper was first to publish the open letter. Hittills har… Continue reading The open letter is spreading – det öppna brevet sprider sig

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Dream alarm clock

Ritu's post Dark mornings and our talk in the comments there made me do this drawing. What do you say about such alarm clock? I wish I had one like that some days. But not every day. I like my work and I actually like early mornings too. But the time between sleep and awake… Continue reading Dream alarm clock

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Check your links in your profile 

This is an old post that I repost now and then. Some of you that press like button on my posts have blind links in your profile. When I want to check your blog by clicking the like notification I don't find your blog!  It don't intend to start a how you blog section on… Continue reading Check your links in your profile 

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Wroom or Thunk?

That's the question that pops up in my head when I read Dannys post and Jims post. Is it all about speed? Or should we slow down and look up? Check out their posts and then you get why I did this drawing. Very often the comments from you five me drawing ideas when it… Continue reading Wroom or Thunk?

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How to link to another blog

 One of my Swedish blog friends, Anna at intefangordetdet made me aware of that not everyone of us knows how to link to another blog.  So I'm trying to explain how I do it. Maybe there's better ways to do it. And if you know how, please tell the rest of us. By leaving… Continue reading How to link to another blog

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Sleepwalking in a hammock

A conversation with Andy from City Jack daw come to be about sleepwalking. He said something about difficulties to sleepwalk in a hammock. Those words immediately made a picture in my weird head.   It can't be easy to rise up and sleep walk in a hammock. Have you tried? Have a great day all… Continue reading Sleepwalking in a hammock

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The station agent

Jim talking about quiet time as a good thing and I totally agree. I have a favorite movie (well actually I have more favourite movies, but this is one of them) that really captures the good feeling of quiet time. If you're a extrovert person not liking quiet time you will think this movie stinks… Continue reading The station agent

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Music and art in perfect match

Jims post A little something for those of us know what a Hepcat is. reminded me of an old music cartoon Do nothing till you hear from me animated - YouTube I really like when art and music play so well together. Anna   

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More time!

Thumbup found interesting fact. There actually is more time available this year! Check the post out. I did a moretime-painting couple of years ago. The box says "more time" in Swedish Anna

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Existentialism in micro universe

Found an old post that I think is still a funny one, just look at the drawings 🙂 I read two posts and the comments in them Men and Women As Friends i’m gonna talk about sex… | Jdawgswords that reminded me of a drawing I did a couple of years ago from… Continue reading Existentialism in micro universe

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Arik Brauer

   I found an old exhibition poster from a gallery i Trosa that used to show great art everytime they opened their doors for people to come and visit. This poster tells about the time the artist Arik Brauer showed his art in the Trosa Kvarn Gallery and for the first time in Sweden. It… Continue reading Arik Brauer

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Grab a cookie!

Jim wants picture of my baking results. So here's to you all. Grab a cookie! Anna   

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Balloon man

   Or like this    I've finished my balloon man. How are your balloon man going? If you didn't read the challenge, take a look at this post: Painting/drawing challenge – Annas Art – FärgaregårdsAnna So far two more than me have done a balloon man. You can check them out here: This… Continue reading Balloon man

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Balloon Man

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Beautiful painting/Anna

Mi tiempo libre

Painting/DRAWING CHALLENGE -blog Fargaregards Anna

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