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Meet & Greet at 600

For me it's quite difficult to understand, but we're now over 600 following this blog. Welcome everybody and thanks, this is your doing. You inspire me very much, so please continue visiting this blog. I will try to keep it going with both new and old paintings and drawings. As usual, I think we should… Continue reading Meet & Greet at 600

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Meet and greet at 500!

We've now reached 500 followers on this blog. I say WE because all of you is a part of this journey. Lets celebrate with a cake and a meet and greet session. Tell us about your blog in the comments and visit others who do the same. Don't hesitate, feel free to promote your blog.… Continue reading Meet and greet at 500!

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Meet and greet at 400

We've reached 400 followers on this blog, all of you and me, together. Let's celebrate with a meet and greet session. Lots of you already know each other by following this blog and each others blogs, but I think we all still don't know everybody on WP, so... If you want to tell the world… Continue reading Meet and greet at 400

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What will you do when a wp friend is e-gone?

A big sad news in this wp world is about how OM/Jason disappeared from the blogging sphere. One day he was e-gone. When I read blogposts about this I see that many of us remember him as helpful, fun and also amusing irritating. It's sad when such person disappeares from our community. But instead of… Continue reading What will you do when a wp friend is e-gone?

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Hey you all 300!

And a couple of more than 300 now. Thanks for stopping by my blog once in a while 🙂 Really nice to "see" you and "hear" what you have to say. You're all a big inspiration. You give me new thoughts everyday. Thanks! I try my very best, when I have time, to read your… Continue reading Hey you all 300!

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One Word Challenge

I think we should celebrate that we're now over twohundred, that are attached to this blog. Me as a writer of the blog and you all as followers and random readers. The One Word Challenge is also a One World Challenge. All of you, that leave comments in my posts are so nice and also… Continue reading One Word Challenge