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No 22 in my drawing goals for 2017

My drawing journey continues slowly. My inspiration comes from a Swedsih space epos about how mankind has destroyed mother earth and have to find somewhere else to live. One spaceship lost track and drift endlessy in space towards the bitter end. This drawing is about how the doctor examines their eyes and find crocodile tears… Continue reading No 22 in my drawing goals for 2017

Challenges, drawings

No 10 drawing in my goals for 2016

Andys post about and ancient sculpture and his challenge to me to post a drawing on the same theme made me dare do this post. This is no. 10 drawing out of about a hundred drawings I plan to make. The inspiration come from a space epos, a poetic masterpiece. It's about humans that were… Continue reading No 10 drawing in my goals for 2016

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The river Tommy Nilsson

This song from 1990 is a song I sometimes still get in my head. I don't know why, I just do. Right now the artist Tommy Nilsson is participating in a Swedish tv program, maybe that's why I remember it now. But the song pops up in my head now and then without that. I… Continue reading The river Tommy Nilsson

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More paintings on CD

Åby gård Vagnhärad, väg 218/Åby farm, road 218 Vagnhärad, Sweden, the way into Vagnhärad from Trosa Nygårdsplatån Vagnhärad Sweden  I had a school friend living here when I was young(er) Vagnhärad kyrka/Vagnhärad church Some of my relatives are buried here. The CD poject has become a travel back in time memories. CD is a sign… Continue reading More paintings on CD