How to get a boom milestone

Stats are fun sometimes. 

Stay away from blogging couple days and your stats will drop for sure.

Then return to blogging and create some posts and then visit some of your friends blogs to read, leave likes and comments.

What happens?


A wow milestone until you check the stats

A fairly normal blog day in stats.

But it’s fun getting boom milestones anyway even if it’s kind of fake.



New milestone – over 2100 followers

Every followers milestone is stunning for me. I started this blog long ago and for the first years I didn’t have more than about ten followers. How come?

I didn’t interact with any blogger. I just posted and posted and posted. Very few likes and even fewer followers showed up in the stats.

But then I started to realize I could visit other blogs. After that I learned it wasn’t scary to leave a comment or a like on blogs. I also realized that I could learn something from other bloggers.

That was the start of the real blog journey to this milestone of reaching over 2100 followers from all over the world.

It’s an never ending universe that I plan to keep traveling through. Thank you all for being here with me 🙂

If you want people to find your blog, please leave the link to your blog in the comments.

Every followers milestone I make a meet and greet session, so grab the chance to tell us who you are and where we can find your blog. If you want us to visit your blog.

Happy blogging!


What’s your favourite milestone?

We’re now way over 1900 followers of this blog. We will probably reach 2000 too very soon.

The followers increase by a hundred each month if I’m interacting well. I can’t just leave the blog or you and believe that curve will continue up. I have to post, answering comments and visit your blogs and leave comment over there for this increase journey to continue.

It’s so fun meeting you all here and at your own blogs. I learn new things everyday. It feels like I’m traveling all over the world. 

What’s your favourite milestone?

I remember when I reached 100 followers. I didn’t think that was possible to reach for me. But it was!


Funny milestone

I think this is a funny milestone. Number of posts so far on my blog equals number of followers of the blog!



What can I possibly have written in so many posts? 

Have I really that much to say?

I hope so, because I’m planning to keep writing posts 🙂

Happy blogging to you all!


Is 1000 much?

I think so. Just look at this milestone I got from wp recently.

But it’s not my doing, it’s your doing. Well it’s a little my doing too. We all did this together. Me by creating blog posts and trying to find time to read, like and comment on your blogs snd answering the comments you leave on my blog. You by constantly encouraging me to keep up happy blogging. You do that by pressing the like button, leave comments and reblog posts you really like.
I thank you all for making this blog a happy, nice and creative place to be.

I’m not on any other social media, so this expanding followers numbers we did without help from social media sidekicks. Wp is the one place to be. You are all so nice and interesting to talk to. Thanks for being here 🙂

Have a great day!

I hope you get some great milestones for your blogs. You are worth it!


Meet & Greet at 600

For me it’s quite difficult to understand, but we’re now over 600 following this blog. Welcome everybody and thanks, this is your doing. You inspire me very much, so please continue visiting this blog. I will try to keep it going with both new and old paintings and drawings. As usual, I think we should celebrate this milestone with a meet & greet. Feel free to promote your blog and when you’re at it, try visit some new blogs you find in the comments 🙂 That’s how I find new followers and new blogs to follow. Have a great meet & greet here on Annas Art – FärgaregårdsAnna


Meet&Greet 600 at Annas Art

Meet&Greet 600 at Annas Art