Digital paintings, drawings

Who wants an alarm clock like this?

I like my work, but Monday mornings....well it would be nice with this kind of alarm clock sometimes 🙂 Anna

Digital paintings, drawings, Introvert/extrovert/HSP

Some Mondays are like this I think

I can feel like this after a long Monday at work. I have a nice work and nice people to help, but after a workday I often feel like this. I have given everyone a piece of me and I have hours and hours ahead of me to put myself back together piece by piece.… Continue reading Some Mondays are like this I think

Digital paintings, drawings, Introvert/extrovert/HSP

Don’t leave me… soon Do you feel like this? Sunday rushing away from you despite the fact that you match perfectly together? And the Monday character knocking on your shoulder waiting to get you into trouble that mess up the good peaceful feeling the Sunday gave you? I'm a HSP, high sensitive person, so when Peaceful Sunday leave… Continue reading Don’t leave me…