Moonlight one morning in Trosa

The size of the moon was big the other morning. Just look at it. Have you any good moon songs? I remember one from the 80's. A weird one about a call to an astronaut who can't come home yet. Clouds across the moon. Rah band. It's a fascinating story in the lyrics. If… Continue reading Moonlight one morning in Trosa

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Winter moon

This early morning the moon was so bright. I could have tried to take a picture, but it was freezing cold outside (-8C) so I decided to do a quick drawing instead. It is drawn on ipad with sketchbookpro app. There's many drawing apps to ipad, you should try one or two. Many of them… Continue reading Winter moon

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Morning and afternoon in Trosa

   Still rather dark mornings in February about 9 o'clock when the sun just take a sneek peek over the roofs to the left in the photo.    The moon is up at five o'clock in the afternoon already. And between that there's a couple of hours in daylight. I hope you have a great… Continue reading Morning and afternoon in Trosa

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Night time Cat time/Nattetid kattetid

Now it's very soon night time here. "See" you tomorrow maybe 😉 Anna 

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I’ll hope to catch up tomorrow

It's been a really long day for me with very much to do and very little time over for wp doings. Please be patient, I'll be back tomorrow, answering all your comments then, I hope 😉 Until then, have a nice morning, day, evening or night, where ever you are 🙂 For me it's nighttime… Continue reading I’ll hope to catch up tomorrow