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Trees in the morning sun

The sun is back some mornings and it's so nice after a dark winter 🙂 Anna

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Spring in Trosa II

Two more pics from today 🙂     The Green Square in Trosa   Trosa river There's something about afternoon sunlight that I can't resist. It's almost as magic as early morning sunlight. Today I saw two people kayaking down the creek. That is a Spring sign. Anna

Photographs, Trosa is the place

Morning and afternoon in Trosa

   Still rather dark mornings in February about 9 o'clock when the sun just take a sneek peek over the roofs to the left in the photo.    The moon is up at five o'clock in the afternoon already. And between that there's a couple of hours in daylight. I hope you have a great… Continue reading Morning and afternoon in Trosa