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Foggy morning – dimmig morgon



Morning drawings – Morgonteckningar July 30-31 2018

Two more drawings. Ytterligare två teckningar till samlingen. I'm not happy with this one. I did some wrong decisions that I tried to fix but failed. Denna teckning lär hamna i högen dåliga resultat. Jag hade för bråttom i början och det gick inte att rätta till felen senare. Another hmfrrmmgrrr-drawing. This was a good… Continue reading Morning drawings – Morgonteckningar July 30-31 2018

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Still early morning light in Sweden 4:25

Best thing about summer. Early sunrises. Can you tell the difference between the picture above taken at 4:25 in the morning and  the picture taken 21:00 in the evening? It is almost the same, isn't it? This time of year I like very much 🙂 Anna

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Foggy – dimmigt

Goodmorning - godmorgon - guten morgen, what's your goodmorning word in your language? Anna


05:05 in May

Cherry and lilacs blooming  Morning sun over the roofs. Anna

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December 7 2017 White stuff morning

I woke up to a white ground outside, but shortly after that the ground turned grey again. It was shovel free snow, so it was beautiful and all good. I don't mind it's not much snow yet. I like a white Christmas though, but then it can be Spring again I say 🙂 Here's a… Continue reading December 7 2017 White stuff morning

Photographs, Trosa is the place

Something dark about the Fall

Fall in Sweden means dark mornings It's difficult to believe it's time to get up when it looks like night outside. In Summer the light is almost there all the time. Then you don't know when to go to sleep. Now you don't know when to wake up. I like the season changes, but the… Continue reading Something dark about the Fall

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Who’s this?

Found this little T man on the door this morning. I have no idea what it is more than a nature beauty. Anna 

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Not a fun thing about snow

Woke up to this in the early morning Snowy landscape is back. But it's wet snow in plus 2 degree C weather so it won't last long. Have a great Friday all of you.  Anna

Photographs, Trosa is the place

Trosa a winter morning

Sorry for not being around here at wp lately. Shoveling snow takes all my time, it seems. I hope I will be back soon. I miss you all. Anna

Nature miracles, Photographs, Trosa is the place

Christmas Eve Trosa 2016

This morning I woke up to this We're having a green Christmas with +5 C this year for sure.  Trosa harbor west side in morning sun. Sun doesn't go very much higher than this right now. Back where we started some hours later. Sun spreading light along Trosa river. Have a great Christmas eve all… Continue reading Christmas Eve Trosa 2016

Pastel paintings, Trosa is the place

Sun visit Trosa :)

A November morning in Trosa Sweden can look like this and it did today. We actually have sunshine today. It's wonderful! Anna

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Early morning at Trosa river

Woke up and looked out the window. White ground, dark skies.  Beautiful but cold and I so wished it was a day off so I could go back to bed, but it was workday and it turned out to be a nice day despite the weather. Anna

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Perfect kayak water

One of my favorite places. A place for kayaking 🙂 What's your favorite places? Anna

Nature miracles, Photographs, What ever

Leopard slug Leopardsnigel

Look what I found in my garden one morning 🙂 It's a Leopard slug. Ugh....slugs, you may think, but these slugs we should like. They win over the Spanish slug. In Sweden Spanish slugs eat entire gardens, or at least it feels like that when we see them invade 🙂 Leopardsnigeln äter mördarsniglar So when… Continue reading Leopard slug Leopardsnigel