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Baking evening

Sorry for not being around here on wp reading your blogs. I had baking evening instead.  I have done drawings of cakes and a pastel of a cinnamon bun But that's it. Maybe I should paint some cookies too? Have a great morning,day, evening and noght wherever you all are 🙂 Anna

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Trosa 8:30 pm May 2016

Goodnight! Have to get up early tomorrow. The sky's gonna look almost the same at 5 am something tomorrow. We don't have many dark hours at this time of the year. I like it, but it's difficult to go to sleep when it looks like daytime outside. Anna

Photographs, Trosa is the place, What ever

Foggy Trosa

Spring morning in Trosa    Later the same day in the afternoon    And then it went back to total fogginess again when the sun went down. But I end this post with the sunshine picture 🙂 Anna

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Yeah it’s beautiful but…

 ... I don't want more snow!!!!!!!!! Thursday morning around five o clock, have a good day ya all 🙂 Anna  

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White Spring

Woke up this morning and found this. Beautiful, but I want Spring without snow, so I hope the sun will melt the snow away.Vit vår mötte mig utanför fönstren i morse. Vackert, men jag gillar vår utan snö bättre :)Anna