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It’s spreading again to another newspaper

The open letter to all leaders is spreading again. Another local newspaper, SN has published the letter in Swedish. If you want the letter to spread even more, please visit the link to show your interest. If you want to read and share the English version of the letter please visit the post… Continue reading It’s spreading again to another newspaper

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Black day for nature

I'm wining today for the sake of nature. I am perfectly healthy and have nothing to complain about really. But today I found out once again that our authorities that's supposed to protect nature don't give a da__ about nature. They are too busy helping people that wants to destroy nature. When you try to… Continue reading Black day for nature

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Merry Christmas to you all!

I wish a merry merry Christmas to all of you. May you have a peaceful holiday. Not everyone celebrates Christmas but I wish you a great holiday anyway. For me Christmas is the time for peace thinking. I don't care about the Christmas presents, all I care about is to find peacefulness in soul and… Continue reading Merry Christmas to you all!

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The perfect gift

If you don't like to give Christmas presents that cost millions of your money, If you don't like the idea of Christmas presents, If you can't afford Christmas presents, If you're out of ideas for finding a good Christmas present, If you've already have given everything there is to give as presents, If you want… Continue reading The perfect gift

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Dear Mother Earth

   I hope you will get a great new year. I hope me an all other humans realize that we should take care of you as you were a new born baby. You don't need us, but we sure need you. I'm sorry for us humans, being so infinitely stupid. We hurt you constantly and… Continue reading Dear Mother Earth

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Walking in Lars Lerins landscape

I've just stepped right into an infinite landscape, that calls the origin of man. Forests, water, rocks, snow, ice, animals and even some human habitations. Opening Lars Lerins book Natural Learning involves a wide open gate to the nature we never ever do without, even if we sometimes get us there. To walk into his… Continue reading Walking in Lars Lerins landscape

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Mother Nature as a sculpteur

Just look at this             Even if we humans tried to create such perfectness, we wouldn't come near this beauty:) Anna

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King Bore is boring

Jack Frost is in Swedish King Bore. The name comes from borealis, but I say the english meaning of bore is a much better description of winter. The winter is beginning to be quite boring. It never seems to end and if it's not two figures minus Celcius degrees like -15 and freezing humid air… Continue reading King Bore is boring

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Nature is speaking

Can we people seriously assert our intelligence when we are well into the 2000s still think the world revolves around our ego-axis and not around the planet? Kan vi människor på allvar hävda vår intelligens när vi långt in på 2000-talet fortfarande tror att världen snurrar kring vår ego-axel och inte kring planetens? Can we… Continue reading Nature is speaking

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For love of our planet/Av kärlek till vår planet

Can you imagine a life without clean water? I can not. What would lack of water do to me? Would I be so kind to share with others, if I found water one day? Or would I keep it all to my self? I don't know the answer. People in Brazil live with theese questions… Continue reading For love of our planet/Av kärlek till vår planet