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Ta av dig skorna -Take of your shoes

Jims post So we took a walk... and the comments in that post made me remember a Swedish song Take of your shoes, admit it feels good. I promised to do a post about that song and show a translation of the swedish lyrics. Here it is, the Swedish song Ta av dig skorna. Music… Continue reading Ta av dig skorna -Take of your shoes

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Too happy for the blues

Too happy for the blues Loiuse Hoffsten and Lasse Englund This song showed up in my head today. Maybe I'm trying to spread some light in the dark coldness I'm looking at through my windows. I found a live version of the song on Youtube. It's a song by one of our great musicians,… Continue reading Too happy for the blues

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Swedish moon songs

   The moon (sold) The moon appears very cleary again. I see it both in mornings and evenings. I like to watch the moon. I actually talk to the moon sometimes, I know I'm crazy, but the moon is a good friend I think. I remembered some Swedish famous moon songs from 1989 and 1992… Continue reading Swedish moon songs