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Narc radar part 3

If you spot narcissists near you. Go as far away as you can from such people. You never win over them and you never get rid of them as long as you are in their sight. I wish I could say this to all narcs: Or in Swedish The problem with that wish is that… Continue reading Narc radar part 3

Digital paintings, drawings, Narc radar

Narc radar part 2

It's not always easy to spot the narcissistic persons, but there are clues to learn. If you have met narcissistic persons you will know what I'm talking about. If you have learn to recognise them check out this Their feet always points in a direction away from you. If they cannot find any use for… Continue reading Narc radar part 2

drawings, Narc radar


Why do sheep people wanna build a narc's ego instead of their own? I don't have the answer, do you? Anna

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How do you help a friend?

If you see that Someone's not feeling good, shows signs of depression, lack of energy and seems to get hurt in different ways, what do you do? Everything's looks fine on the outside. People around says everything's okay. You can't really get someone else to see what you see, that Someone is among toxic people… Continue reading How do you help a friend?

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Explanation of a the Please respect post

I did a short post called Please respect... where I wrote: If you seek my attention and don´t seems to get response, then I may have my reasons. Please respect that 🙂 This reaction go way back to my childhood. I didn't know it then, but since I learned about how introverts and also High… Continue reading Explanation of a the Please respect post