I went to my church

I’ve said it before and I say it again. Nature is my church. Especially archipelago nature where my home is. Nothing beat this in my book.

Can you believe there are people who wants to destroy this beautiful piece of paradise?

I will fight as long as I can to preserve nature. 

Have a great day you all!


My power bank :)

Morning calmness at the Baltic sea near my home.

Bokö-Askö nature reserve, Baltic sea. Also near my home.

This is an excellent power bank and I hope this wonderful nature will stay here forever.

I saw the white tailed eagle several times over the tree tops. Didn’t catch it on camera though. The eagle was to fast for me.

I always get new energy when I’m in this place 🙂


Thanks Leslie!

The other day Leslie promised to send some rain over here. And she did 🙂

Finally we got rain that was measurable 

Before that we could count the drops that came down this Summer.

This little friend is obviously very happy over the rain. Haven’t seen escargot this summer at all. Nice that they’re back 🙂

And one of my favorite rain paintings. Sold to a lady in Denmark couple of years ago.


Carrot woman

It’s fun to find vegetables in the garden sometimes 😉


Tullgarn Palace – other buildings



Today I’ve been to a beautiful place outside Trosa. One of the Swedish royal palaces, Tullgarn palace.

For me it’s not the buildings that impress me. It’s the surroundings, the park, the trees, the water. The buildings are beautiful and carries lots of history fo course. But I wonder what the garden can tell us about the people that was there before us. We have them to thank for the woods and all other green plants that makes the place so special today.

I have more pics to show you. I hope I can make a post soon. I just have to find the time 🙂

But now you know one of the reasons why I’m not here on wp with you right now that much. Hope to be back soon.

Another away reason is bad connection and that’s irritating because I can’t do anything about it.


Storspigg och tångsnälla

Storspigg och tångsnälla

Nu går det att se färggranna spigghanar i vattnet. De liksom klär upp sig för spigghonorna för att imponera. Har du tur och skarpa ögon kan du även få syn på tångsnällan som görna gömmer sig bland vattenväxterna.

Now it’s time for the male three-spined stickleback to impress the females by turning blue and red in their skin. If you have sharp eyes you can be lucky to see a broadnosed pipefish too in the sea.

I did a drawing last year of what I saw in the water this time of year.


Yellow hearts flower

I found this little beauty in the grass. I have no idea what the name of the flower is, so I call it yellow hearts flowers. I think the flower looks like five yellow hearts. 

I think this is the same but with one heart missing.

Do we really need to know the name of every flower to think it’s beautiful?

Or can we just say oh what a little beauty there in the green grass?


Sorry for not being here with you

I’m working on an Save Trosa nature assignment right now.

I will be back soon I hope. I miss you all 🙂



Beautiful but kind of stupid flower.

The bloom grows so big that it break down and…

fall to the ground. But maybe that’s the whole idea. Maybe it is that way it plans for future generations?


Lingonberry – Lingon

This year seems to be a good lingonberry year. There’s lots of blooms in the woods.

In the Fall we will see if the blooms has turned in to berries.


Kayak water

Soon I hope I get time for some kayaking. 

This is also why I’m fighting for nature. Can you imagine that some people wants to destroy archipelago life? 

It’s heaven on earth, still some think they can improve it by exploitation.

I like the archipelago just the way it is. Everyday we can watch many wild animals. That’s a gift from nature. We can learn a lot from them. They just are the way they are. They don’t “improve” nature by inventing grandiose projects that effects nature negative.

Have a great day!


The tale post are out there again

Sharing is caring and this time Jim from random writings on the bathroom wall shared one of my posts about the tale of an unnecessary road.

Thanks Jim!

And if you haven’t visited or not already follow Jims blog. Stop by and say Hi to Jim and you will have a nice chat ahead 🙂

Or just read the posts about art, music, garden and everything else. There’s always something to find over at Jims worth the visit.


Chalk fishes – fiskar med gatukritor

I will never grow up. This is fun!


Den blomstertid nu kommer – Flower time

Around this time in Sweden blooms in every corner of nature. It’s is stunning beauty everywhere.

A Swedish old hymn describe this time very well. So well that the hymn is a standard hymn in every graduation. 

My favourite version of the hymn is a soul/funk/blues version from the 80’s with Lill Lindfors and Nils Landgren. They first sing it as it too often sounds at graduation day. But then they do their own version and that version rock!

If you want to understand the words in the song you can read a google translation of the hymn below the Swedish lyrics.

Den blomstertid nu kommer

Lyrics by Israel Kolmodin

Den blomstertid nu kommer
med lust och fägring stor.
Du nalkas, ljuva sommar,
då gräs och gröda gror.
Med blid och livlig värma
till allt som varit dött,
sig solens strålar närma,
och allt blir återfött.

De fagra blomsterängar
och åkerns ädla säd,
de rika örtesängar
och lundens gröna träd,
de skola oss påminna
Guds godhets rikedom,
att vi den nåd besinna
som räcker året om.

Man hörer fåglar sjunga
med mångahanda ljud,
skall icke då vår tunga
lovsäga Herren Gud?
Min själ, upphöj Guds ära,
stäm upp din glädjesång
till den som vill oss nära
och fröjda på en gång!

English translation

The flower time now comes
With pleasure and celebration great.
You’re coming, sweet summer,
Then grass and crop grows.
With gentle and lively warmth
To all that has died,
Say the sun’s rays approach,
And everything is regained.

The beautiful flower beds
And the precious grain of the fields,
The rich herb beds
And the green grove of the grove,
They will teach us to recall
The wealth of godliness,
That we grace that grace
Which lasts all year.

You hear birds singing
With multitude of sounds,
Do not our tongue then?
Loving the lord god
My soul, exalt the glory of God,
Tuning up your joy song
To the one who wants us close
And rejoiced at once!

And the Swedish flowers from nature

Liljekonvalj – Lily of the valley

Gullviva – Cowslip Primula veris

Mandelblom – Meadow saxifrage/Saxifraga granulata

Midsommarblomster – Wood cranesbill

Skogssmultron – Wild strawberries