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Darkness falls across the land

Halloween greetings from Trosa water tower 😉 Or do you prefer Trosa in broad daylight? And here's my favourite scary song, just because it's not that scary. Happy Halloween to you all. Be nice! Anna

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They’re still running

TUB Trosa Ultra Backyard 2017 is still going This was a bit after 10 pm April 29 Can you see the whiteblue lights? That's the runners headlight. And here they come at you can read this in swedish What is a Backyard Ultra? This is a different type of ultramarathon, where neither time nor… Continue reading They’re still running

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Sleepwalking in a hammock

A conversation with Andy from City Jack daw come to be about sleepwalking. He said something about difficulties to sleepwalk in a hammock. Those words immediately made a picture in my weird head.   It can't be easy to rise up and sleep walk in a hammock. Have you tried? Have a great day all… Continue reading Sleepwalking in a hammock

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Trosa in coldness

   Today I woke up with -6 degree C/21 degree F outside. No snow but freezing cold. The other day we had 11 degree C/52 degree F. As long as we have no snow landscape I prefer the 11 degree C days. Winter in Trosa with snow is beautiful. It looks like this when I… Continue reading Trosa in coldness

Pastel paintings

Good morning or good night?

   ...or maybe something else? Maybe this is not a sun? What do you see? Anna