Osynliga länkar – invisible links Selma Lagerlöf

Jag fick av en bekant en radda böcker av Selma Lagerlöf. Jag har kommit till nummer två i samlingen. Osynliga länkar. Den kom ut 1894, men historierna i den skulle lika gärna kunna utspela sig i nutid. Hon gör intressanta betraktelser av oss människor. Roande läsning. I got some books from a friend a while… Continue reading Osynliga länkar – invisible links Selma Lagerlöf


Gösta Berlings saga – The story of Gösta Berling

Do you remember the post of a wonderful gift that I received from a friend? A whole bunch of old books written by Selma Lagerlöf, first female that got the litterateur Nobel Prize. The books are over hundred years old, but the stories are still worth reading. I finished the first one, Gösta Berlings saga… Continue reading Gösta Berlings saga – The story of Gösta Berling


A wonderful gift

The other day a friend gave me old books no longer in use. They're from the beginning of 1900 century and written by the first woman Nobel Prize winner in literature Selma Lagerlöf. I read some of her books before, but now I have plenty more to read. She was a good writer and it's… Continue reading A wonderful gift

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The prize day December 10

Today Sweden news is mostly about the Nobel Prize. But here on wp I say you are all worth a prize for your blogging efforts. We all learn about each other, our different countries, our different ways to live. We support each other and expand our contact net by meet & greets, linkbacks and reblogs.… Continue reading The prize day December 10

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I’m not there

Do you remember the movie about Bob Dylans life? I really liked that film. How they let different characters play the Dylan part. Nowadays the title of the movie has a whole new meaning come to think of the weird situation about the Nobel Prize he's still silence about. I haven't a clue what to… Continue reading I’m not there

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Nobel Prize

Today Sweden celebrates the Nobel Prize winners. You can read more about it here. We do need those scientists who discovers great things that brings development to mankind and it's great to give credit for thier work and achievements. But the world would stop turning if you, my wp friends, didn't do what… Continue reading Nobel Prize