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Want to learn a Swedish word? November is november in Swedish too 🙂 so now you know a Swedish word! Here's a November song for you by the Swedish artist Laleh. Have a good November start to you all 🙂 Anna

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The end of November Do you have any November song? This is one of the Swedish November songs by Laleh. Tomorrow it's the last day of November. After that it's all about Christmas for many people. I'm not a Christmas maniac, but I do like some Christmas things.  Do you get stressed over Christmas or do you stay… Continue reading The end of November

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First gingerbread cookies this season

A good beginning of December that starts tomorrow 🙂 And this could be me baking gingerbread cookies. Half the cookies never get around to the owen. A drawing from my December story. Anna

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The weather outside’s delightful?

I had a lovely indoor day today. The weather looked like this  Dark and grey outside and white stuff coming down from above. But in the afternoon I took a walk and Trosa harbor looked like this And yes, this is our daylight light this time of year. It doesn't get any lighter than this.… Continue reading The weather outside’s delightful?

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Speak Swedish part 3

I will keep saying that you all can learn Swedish. Read this (English translation) April (April) September (September) Oktober (October) November (November) December (December) That wasn't to difficult, ha? Anna