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Will we make it this year?

Last years total stats Number of viewa 29588. Stats today December 4 Views number 29327. December isn't over yet, so we atill have a chance to beat last years number of views. Not that I'm counting....hehehe. Somehow I do, but blogging is all about having fun, not counting numbers in stats. The number of views… Continue reading Will we make it this year?

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Zero again

This is a kind of reversed stats addict reaction. When you have a blog woth more than 1700 followers and try to post almost every day it is difficult to reach zero views in the stats. The followrs of this blog comes from all over the world and that means someone is always awake to… Continue reading Zero again

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Not that I’m counting, but…

...but we're almost there One more to go to 1600 followers 😉 Anna

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Explain this

One morning I found this. Zero in my views stats, but not in the post view list. How come? I think it's about delayed stats updates. I found it amusing to see zero in one place and total views with a total different number below that zero area. Blog on! Anna

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Stats dilemma

What do you get out of your blog statistics? I can understand the follower number. That's the easy post. Either you have followers or you don't. I can also understand the country counts fairly. I can see that people from many countries visiting my blog. And I can see which country who is topping the… Continue reading Stats dilemma

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Changed my mind

I have a confession to make. Numbers have effect on me. I didn't thought they have, but they sure do. Every view or un-view, every like or no like, every comment or no comment counts. When I read OMs number and stats post I often think - am I the same or do I think… Continue reading Changed my mind

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Maybe the number 100 don't mean a thing, but today this blog reached 100 followers. That also means that I myself follows at least that many blogs because I try to follow the followers :)I've learned a lot from all your blogs, comments and likes. Thank you for being out there!Anna