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It's raining here. Good for nature and good for us, so far 🙂 Finally rain (sold)

oil paintings

Agnes balloons sold

   One of my paintings has found a new home. The first one this year, who moves out of my home to another home 🙂 I like when my paintings move out. They then reach out to more people than me and hopefully they give people joy and peace. This painting began with an already… Continue reading Agnes balloons sold

oil paintings

Holding hands/Hålla handen

Everyone have the right to feel as safe as a kid holding the loving and protecting parents hands. Not just children but adults as well. What if we all could feel totally safe. Totally trusting our family, friends, neighbours and strangers. I think we all somehow search for that total trust, that no one can… Continue reading Holding hands/Hålla handen

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Finally rain (again)

Do you like the sound of rain? At first you don't understand where the sound is coming from, until you realize it's the rain. When you look through your windows, you see the raindrops. You then get moves to the sound. By then you really get that it's raining. Then the sounds stop for a… Continue reading Finally rain (again)