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Three little angels/Tre små änglar

Paint on stones is really fun. In these stones I found three little angels. Måla på sten roar mig mycket. I dessa stenar fann jag tre små änglar. Anna      

Pastel paintings

Misty window

Weather, creating fog on the window may not belong to the favorites, but the mist often create beautiful patterns on the windows. When the sun once again appears, windows can look like shimmering paintings. I tried using colored paper and light pastels to paint fog on the window. The result you see here. Väder, som… Continue reading Misty window

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Name the cow! Namnge kon!

One of my artist friends is a good cow painter. She gives her cows in the paintings names. I once tried to paint a cow. But I cheated and painted only a half cow face. My no.1 cow! What's the name do you think?  I don't have a clue 🙂 Please help me if you… Continue reading Name the cow! Namnge kon!

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Little Anna and the Tall Uncle

When I was a child (I,m still a child, but really, really old child) I read or my parents read books to me about Little Anna and the Tall Uncle. I thought it was someting with that Anna character. She had the same name as me. A couple of years ago, one of my sisters… Continue reading Little Anna and the Tall Uncle