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Pi nature

Pi nature, aquarelle pencils Nature is eternal - if we let nature be 🙂 Anna

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Boats check – Båtkoll i Trosa

At Tangosailing.nu you can take a look at guest sailboats at Trosa Harbor all summer. It's so fun watching the boat pictures and read about them. The blog is in Swedish but maybe you can translate if you want to read the text. The pictures says much without words so maybe you enjoy the boat… Continue reading Boats check – Båtkoll i Trosa

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Sailboats – segelbåtar

What can I say - I like sailboats obviously I think when I go through my paintings through the years. Vad kan jag säga - jag gillar uppenbarligen segelbåtar tänker jag när jag ser gamla målningar och teckningar bakåt i tiden. Maybe it has to do wit my love for archipelago that began at the… Continue reading Sailboats – segelbåtar

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Imagine a Day

When I did a post about a photobook Imagine by Erik Johansson, Sheldon commented the post and mentioned a book he remembered. Imagine a Day by Sarah L. Thomson, Robert Gonsalves. Now I got it and it's a lovely book! Fantastic paintings and beautiful words. I will read this book many times and learn from… Continue reading Imagine a Day

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Found a pastel painting from last pumpkin season. What is pumpkin to you? For me it's Fall time, beautiful colors and amazing that nature can create pumpkins. Anna

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More time!

Thumbup found interesting fact. There actually is more time available this year! Check the post out. https://juststuffifoundontheinternet.wordpress.com/2016/07/07/more-time-to-partay/ I did a moretime-painting couple of years ago. The box says "more time" in Swedish Anna

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Arik Brauer

   I found an old exhibition poster from a gallery i Trosa that used to show great art everytime they opened their doors for people to come and visit. This poster tells about the time the artist Arik Brauer showed his art in the Trosa Kvarn Gallery and for the first time in Sweden. It… Continue reading Arik Brauer

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Walking in Lars Lerins landscape

I've just stepped right into an infinite landscape, that calls the origin of man. Forests, water, rocks, snow, ice, animals and even some human habitations. Opening Lars Lerins book Natural Learning involves a wide open gate to the nature we never ever do without, even if we sometimes get us there. To walk into his… Continue reading Walking in Lars Lerins landscape

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Art Sunday #60: Gosta Adrian-Nilsson – Acrobats in Paris

Over at Jims blog you can read about a Swedish artist who did great paintings.Visit the original post to read more and leave comments. Jim has great art posts every Sunday/Anna

Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall

acrobats-in-paris-1924Gösta Adrian-Nilsson (2 April 1884 in Lund – 29 Mars 1965 in Stockholm), usually referred to as GAN, was a Swedish artist and writer. He is regarded as a pioneer of the Swedish modernist art movement.

GAN debuted as an artist 1907 with an exhibition at the Art Museum of the University of Lund. After studies at Zahrtmann’s School in Copenhagen, he traveled year 1914 to Berlin to study modernism. Through the writer Herwarth Walden’s gallery Der Sturm he came in contact with the contemporary art movements. Both Wassily Kandinsky and Franz Marc were of huge importance when he began developing a semi-abstract style with deep, vibrant colors, an own style of expressive cubism. He was fascinated by modern technology and masculine strength, which was reflected in his artistic works.

Source:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G%C3%B6sta_Adrian-Nilsson

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If you get tired of my art

or want to see one of my friend's amazing art you can visit this site: http://www.johanhoflund.se/ Om ni är i Trosa på julmarknad har ni möjlighet att se hans konst I.R.L. Det är en häftig upplevelse att se Johans stora och små tavlor och alla fina fototavlor. I've interpret one of his paintings, and my… Continue reading If you get tired of my art

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History Whisper

This painting is for me about one of our most walked old streets in my town. Many tourists walk this way through an old treehouse enviroment. The town history echoes along the street. Photo opp:s are many here. The picture shows tourists in classic photo position and the history of town whisper in the photographers… Continue reading History Whisper

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A rock kiss

True and everlasting love? 🙂 One of my favorite paintings from my summer studio. Two rocks on the beach with two people next marveled over the timeless love rauks show each other. There they have been almost since the beginning of the Ice Age, and looked at each other, the sea and the sunset and… Continue reading A rock kiss

Trosa paintings/Trosamåleri

Julaftons fyr Trosa archipelago

  Our most photographed object in Trosa archipelago. A lighthouse-place we call "Julafton" wich is X-mas eve in english. The legend tells that shipwrecked were nearby and got rescued, one Christmas eve and since then, the lighthouse is called Julafton (Christmas eve). In this painting it is winter as you can see 😉 Anna

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Amigurumi me :)

I have two more amigurumis artist to show you. Two local artists from Trosa. Both members of the paintergroup Rosa Hinken (Pink Bucket). One of them is Johan Hoflund. The other one, myself 😀 That's the closest a selfportrait you're gonna get from me. Have a nice day, evening or night, where ever you are… Continue reading Amigurumi me 🙂

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Do you do like this?

Being an introvert high sensitive person (HSP) means that you should avoid certain type of people if you also want to avoid being totally exhausted in less than five minutes. Those kind of persons are not always easy to avoid and when you have to be in the same area as them for hours you… Continue reading Do you do like this?