It's not often I do portraits, but when people turn 50 I might get the idea of trying to paint them. This one I did with color pencils. I had to stop when I was about to destroy the paper when I tried to change details for the thousand time. I probably would have continued… Continue reading Portrait 

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Painting challenge

We did this challenge in our painter group Pink Bucket. And I thought I could share the challenge with you. The idea comes from Johan Hoflund on of the Pink Bucket members. 1.Choose a picture. A photograph or somthing else. 2.Paint a paper with watercolors, let dry, tear pieces and make an interpretation of the… Continue reading Painting challenge

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Sunshine notes #inktober 21 october 2015

I read Melanies post about how to give some sunshine with a few letters to people. Give this a try! Love Notes on the Mirrors… http://amusingmyselfmusings.com/2015/10/14/love-notes-on-the-mirrors/ So now I give you all a little post-it note for the day 🙂 Anna