Pastel paintings

Julevangeliet – Christmas Story

Reposted from 2017 Most of us know the Christmas story, but have you ever heard it in the ancient Swedish language Älvsdalsmål? It's beautiful to hear a story that you know so well even if it is in a language you barely understand. Check this out. You will discover you know some of the words.… Continue reading Julevangeliet – Christmas Story

Pastel paintings, What ever


You won't believe it. It was snowing here today. But the rain came and the snow never had the chance to paint the town in white. It's freezing cold still though. Not the kind of April weather I like. My brain has frozen. I have no idea what to write to you today. I hope… Continue reading Snow!

Pastel paintings

Icebreaker Anna/Isbrytaren Anna ;)

This post is partly an old one, but today with -15 C and freezing winds I feel like I have ice coldness everywhere. Fireplace keep me warm, so I'm alright. Found this painting and thought it would fit in the cold theme 🙂  Still warm thoughts to you all! Anna Pastel Painting on red paper.… Continue reading Icebreaker Anna/Isbrytaren Anna 😉

Pastel paintings

Colorful light/färgade ljus

Here's some pastel paintings which in I have used one color scale at the time. Bluelight I began with, then moved on to red light, yellow light and finally green light. The blue light kind of refers to sirens, the red, yellow and green light to trafficlights. Här kommer prov på pastellövningar där jag koncentrerat… Continue reading Colorful light/färgade ljus