Pastel paintings

Colorful light/färgade ljus

Here's some pastel paintings which in I have used one color scale at the time. Bluelight I began with, then moved on to red light, yellow light and finally green light. The blue light kind of refers to sirens, the red, yellow and green light to trafficlights. Här kommer prov på pastellövningar där jag koncentrerat… Continue reading Colorful light/färgade ljus

Pastel paintings


Paint with pastels is fun. I did some pictures to try what I could do with just one color in different shades. I call them Blue, red, yellow and green light. Att måla med pastellkritor öppnar massor av möjligheter. Jag provade att hålla mig till en färg i taget med nyanser. Jag kallar dem blåljus,… Continue reading Pastellkritor/pastels