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Give me something to read -share a post

I'm exhausted after a long day. I need inspiration, a smile, a hug or anything that can bring my power back to normal. Have you a good post I can read on your or any other blog? Share a link to your post in the comments field. Anna    Wp library

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What’s Halloween to you?


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December window

Jim told us about his winter plants here: I have magic happening in one of my closets. The comments talk made me do this painting. Re-use art on black cardboard with dry pastels. Anna   

Pastel paintings, What ever

Our mathematical universe

I've read a really interesting book about our universe. I'm not a Swedish genious like the author Max Tegmark, so I don't understand all of what he's saying, but the book is an amazing journey through space and our consciousness. He spins our minds with his words and his thoughts about multiuniverses and I think… Continue reading Our mathematical universe

Pastel paintings

Misty window

Weather, creating fog on the window may not belong to the favorites, but the mist often create beautiful patterns on the windows. When the sun once again appears, windows can look like shimmering paintings. I tried using colored paper and light pastels to paint fog on the window. The result you see here. Väder, som… Continue reading Misty window

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The Scream, Anna version

In my town, Trosa, we have a spot on a bridge that look very much like the background on Edvard Munch's The scream (Skriet). Well maybe just in my pastel painting, but anyhow. Here it is. This time it's not Edvard Munch and it's not Norway. It's Trosa Sweden in our harbor from the Edanö… Continue reading The Scream, Anna version

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Never stop create!

Found a beautiful post at Harsh Reality that reminds me again of the importance to never stop someones creativity. Always encourage such thing as drawing, painting, writing or other art-forms if the person feeling good when doing it. We don't have to be champions in creativity. But we must allow our selves and others to… Continue reading Never stop create!

Pastel paintings

City edge/Stadkant

  City edge in pastels on colored paper. I call the painting "stadkant" in swedish, which in english means selvedge. But in swedish it can also mean city edge. This painting is not so difficult to achieve. Find a colored paper, some pastel crayons, and start drawing squares in different colors. Then, you do the… Continue reading City edge/Stadkant

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Blue whale in a pink ocean

Leslie at swo8 | Music means something and Jim at Random writings on the bathroom wall Brought the whale tail up in comments to the post Sailboat and shark | Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna That led to me doing a quick pastel painting of a blue whale in a pink ocean. Thanks you all for ideas… Continue reading Blue whale in a pink ocean

Pastel paintings

Good morning or good night?

   ...or maybe something else? Maybe this is not a sun? What do you see? Anna

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In my country Sweden, we have several endangered species. In this painting I let a lighthouse, that also is endangered, put some light over a bird and a fish that belongs to protected species. With pastels on colored paper I get an extra color effect. Den här målningen belyser några av våra hotade arter inklusive… Continue reading Endangered/Utrotningshotade

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You’re my rock

This pastel painting I can turn around in anyway I want. There's no up and down. From the beginning I thought I painted a big rock and water below as a mirror. But when I turned the painting the size of the rock and the water changed. What do you see in this painting? Den… Continue reading You’re my rock

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In our water jellyfish appears in the Fall. Small kind, harmless jellyfish. In a kayak tour I caught a jellyfish on photo. You can compare it and see if I came close with my painting of a jellyfish that I painted last year. Anna

Pastel paintings, What ever

Can you paint music?

I tried to paint music with my pastel crayons when I listened to a Swedish tv-concert with musicians in tribute to Bengt Hallberg a great Swedish musician, who recently past away. This is how it turned out 🙂 Anna    Music?

Nature miracles, Pastel paintings, What ever


Another effort in trying to paint or draw animals. Puffins have beautiful colors and I tried to catch them on paper with my pastels crayons. Ytterligare ett försöka att måla djur. Lunnefåglar bär väldigt vackra färger, vilka jag ville försöka fånga på papper med mina pastellkritor. Anna