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Andy and Anna peace movement?

I found an old post from 2017. We did not know back then what's happening today. A comments thread that maybe went wild? You can read the post and the comments to get a picture of what happened. Here's the link. This is the comments that made me create an image in my head… Continue reading Andy and Anna peace movement?

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All hearts day

Happy Valentine's Day to you all. In Sweden we call the day All hearts day. So here we give our love to everyone like family, friends and sweethearts. Maybe you do that too? Or is it still just a day for Valentine? We need to spread our love everywhere we can. It's the only way… Continue reading All hearts day

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One fine day in my church

Church may be a building for many people, but for me a church place also can be a state of mind. My church is nature where I find peace in my mind and gratefulness in my heart. This is what my church give me some days. A morning with visible angel lights through the clouds.… Continue reading One fine day in my church

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December 10 2017 Nobel Prize day

Today it's the Nobel Prize day. Big official day in Sweden for many. For me it's just an ordinary day, but I think it's nice and important to give smart people some attention for their efforts in science, litterateur and peace. The Nobel prize day is such attention day. We are all smart people and… Continue reading December 10 2017 Nobel Prize day

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The Citizens’ Book – Medborgarboken

I found an old book from the 50's that my father got from his home municipality when he turned 21 , which back then were today's 18 when you get full civil rights and obligations. Jag hittade en gammal bok som alla som nådde myndighetsåldern 21 på femtiotalet fick av sina hemkommuner. Jag tycker förordet… Continue reading The Citizens’ Book – Medborgarboken


Amazing, just totally amazing!

We must be a small world. It feels like I have traveled all over the world just by blogging away in a way that we all do. I can sit in my little corner of the world and reach out so far. It's unbelievable but also truly amazing. We can interact with each other no… Continue reading Amazing, just totally amazing!

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Church day in Trosa Sweden

This is the bell tower at Trosa Church. Really old one and a landmark in Trosa since 1600-1700 centrury something. Beautiful if you ask me 😉 No, I don't go inside church that often nowadays, but I walk in this area often and light candles in the graveyard. It's a peaceful area of my town.… Continue reading Church day in Trosa Sweden

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Good signs

You won't believe it, but today a white dove showed up on top of a chimney. Just look at this I have seen the white dove before and I managed to capture it on camera once before. But it was quite a long time ago I saw it the last time. I thought the dove… Continue reading Good signs

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Merry Christmas to you all!

I wish a merry merry Christmas to all of you. May you have a peaceful holiday. Not everyone celebrates Christmas but I wish you a great holiday anyway. For me Christmas is the time for peace thinking. I don't care about the Christmas presents, all I care about is to find peacefulness in soul and… Continue reading Merry Christmas to you all!

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The prize day December 10

Today Sweden news is mostly about the Nobel Prize. But here on wp I say you are all worth a prize for your blogging efforts. We all learn about each other, our different countries, our different ways to live. We support each other and expand our contact net by meet & greets, linkbacks and reblogs.… Continue reading The prize day December 10

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V.i.p. Visit Sweden

Yesterday the Pope himself visited our little country Sweden. I watch the ceremony in Lunds church on tv a little bit. I thought it was nice and I like the idea of peacemaking among the religious people from all over the world. They said we should focus on our similarities instead of pointing out our… Continue reading V.i.p. Visit Sweden

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I refuse to give that white stuff coming down from the sky any attention. I will not show you a picture of my town, today temporarily dressed in white. I want Spring to continue freely without that white cold stuff interfering. I want this different colored creatures to show up and give us life, hope,… Continue reading Diversity

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Have mercy

This is a repost, but I need this song today and I want to share the song with you once again 🙂 Anna Original post in november 2015 If you have a better song for today than this one, please tell us all in the comments 🙂 Gemini (with Benny Andersson)- Have Mercy (Live) 1985… Continue reading Have mercy


Love maps!

Take a look at this map. I did a screenshot from my 2015 stats. Visitors from 99 countries did this beautiful colored map. Thank you all for that! I thinks it's amazing that we can reach almost all over the world with our words and images. And to that, we can actually write and talk… Continue reading Love maps!


Ytligt eller fullt allvar?/Superficially or serious?

Translation follows after the swedish text, please scroll down to english text if you don't want to read swedish 😉 Ett av Sveriges mest säkra vårtecken i mediavärlden är Melodifestivalen. Den dyker upp lika säkert, som maskrosorna i gränsmattorna och är lika svår att undvika helt och hållet även om man försöker 😉 Jag slutade… Continue reading Ytligt eller fullt allvar?/Superficially or serious?