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Kayak fantasy

Kayaking in archipelago in Sweden is sweet as candy 😉 Anna  

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This is my church

   I think people are free to believe in what they want. I also believe that no one has the right to sell in that faith to others. I believe everyone are right to their own belief and faith. Nothing gets better than everything else just by growing to large sums. Then stupidity would be… Continue reading This is my church

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What are you staring at?

What if flowers could talk. Maybe they do, just not in our human languages. What if they both think and talk. What do they say about us humans staring at them? Anna    Tulip from our garden 🙂

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Låt inte hat äta upp dig/don’t let hate get you

Apropå bilden ovan, från ett snille till ett annat.... Här om dagen läste jag några geniala meningar i August Strindbergs Svarta fanor. Den kan ni hitta på Så här lyder meningarna jag fastnade för när jag läste: "…Man skall aldrig hata en människa, sade han, ty det är att förstärka fiendens strömmar genom influens.… Continue reading Låt inte hat äta upp dig/don’t let hate get you

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Baby hare visits

Baby hare is still alive. He (?) payed a visit outside my window one evening again. Maybe just to show he's alive and kicking 🙂 Anna

Nature miracles, Photographs

Baby hare news

Baby hare got a sister or brother. We found out this today. It's not a great photo, but they are so fast jumping away to next place. Anna    

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Baby hare is still alive :)

Baby hare is still alive, eating and growing 🙂 Anna      

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How do I manage to… in IT-era when I'm from the Digital stoneage? I'm halfway to 300 followers right now. Recently I reached 200. My stats tells me I follow more than 400 hundred blogs and I have about 250 followers. I've also notice that activity on other blogs catches new followers to my blog. Part from trying to… Continue reading How do I manage to…

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I redecorated my blog

What do you think? I chosed a new theme for my blog. I wanted more posts to show up at the same time on the screen. At least they do that on a computer screen. On ipads or phones it maybe shows different. When I discovered I could repost some of my old post that… Continue reading I redecorated my blog

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When I came home, these little creatures had found our garden (not much of a garden, but it's outside my house). It is seagull kids. Very cute, but very protective parents.      

Nature miracles, Photographs, What ever

Lilacs again/syrener igen

Posting a photo of my lilacs in bloom, but not being able to share with you the wonderful scent the spreading is almost rude. Att posta ett foto av mina syrener i blom, men inte kunna dela med mig av den underbara doft de sprider är nästan oförskämt. Anna    Outside my window 🙂

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A stranger in my garden

This beautiful flower is visiting our garden for the first time this year. I don't know the name of the flower, do you? I don't know much of flowers names, I just think they are lovely. Denna blomma har dykt upp i vår trädgård för första gången. Vet inte namnet på den, vet ni? Anna… Continue reading A stranger in my garden

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Hey you all 300!

And a couple of more than 300 now. Thanks for stopping by my blog once in a while 🙂 Really nice to "see" you and "hear" what you have to say. You're all a big inspiration. You give me new thoughts everyday. Thanks! I try my very best, when I have time, to read your… Continue reading Hey you all 300!

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Not that I’m counting but…

We're now 299 following this blog. Who will be the 300 follower? You are all welcome as followers to this blog. All are alike no matter what number you have in the following list. I appreciate your thoughts in the comments a lot. Gives me ideas and inspiration to keep on painting and writing. Have… Continue reading Not that I’m counting but…

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Another orchestra also playing

The seagulls orchestra is playing all day and all night this time of the year right in the middle of my little town. But you just have to forgive them. Soon their kids are born and they're so cute. Just look at them! Anna