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Leopard slug Leopardsnigel

Look what I found in my garden one morning 🙂 It's a Leopard slug. Ugh....slugs, you may think, but these slugs we should like. They win over the Spanish slug. In Sweden Spanish slugs eat entire gardens, or at least it feels like that when we see them invade 🙂 Leopardsnigeln äter mördarsniglar So when… Continue reading Leopard slug Leopardsnigel

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More winter pics from Trosa

Jim said in a comment "more pics!" so here's some old winter photographs from Trosa taken a couple of years ago. Anna    Did a painting of this view once          Actually I did a painting out from this photo too 😉   

Trosa is the place, Trosa paintings/Trosamåleri

History Whisper

This painting is for me about one of our most walked old streets in my town. Many tourists walk this way through an old treehouse enviroment. The town history echoes along the street. Photo opp:s are many here. The picture shows tourists in classic photo position and the history of town whisper in the photographers… Continue reading History Whisper