Not Spring yet – Inte vår ännu

It’s been a great day so far. Then this came down from sky. That icky bad white stuff as Jim call it.

Idag har jag haft en underbar dag. Sen kom detta ner från skyn.

It is wet snow, so tomorrow I know what to do. Snow shoveling. Good exercise but I reqlly want Spring now.

Blöt snö som enligt väderprognoserna ska fortsätta i natt och imorgon. Ingen ode att planera in så mycket annat än träningsformen snöskottning. Jag längtar efter våren!

Yes we have the Christmas lights up still. I think the town forgot about it. It was the first year they decorated the tree with lightballs this Christmas. The usual stuff around the center of town is gone. But not this decoration.

Jepp, vi har julbelysning kvar ännu. Tror att kommunen glömt att plocka ner just denna belysning. På torget har de tagit bort julbelysningen. De har inte haft belysning i detta träd tidigare, så förmodligen har de glömt den kvar.

Have a great Friday. Today I learned there’s still some good in the world.

Ha en underbar fredag. Idag kunde jag genom små händelser återfå hoppet om att en god värld kan vinna över dess motsats.




Beautiful but kind of stupid flower.

The bloom grows so big that it break down and…

fall to the ground. But maybe that’s the whole idea. Maybe it is that way it plans for future generations?


Winter walk

Jellyfishes still alive in December, that’s amazing or climate changes.

Rhodedendron prepared for next seasons blooming. 

Shaddow of me 😉

How does your winter walks looks like?

Or do you live in a place where Summer rules?

I’m in the north hemisphere so here it’s winter.


Trosa Sweden October 2016 Tree walk

Jim took a tree walk in his neighborhood recently, so I thought I could take a tree walk too, but in my neighborhood.

Trosa river downstreams, behind the corner the Trosa harbor begins.

Trosa Villabron (housebridge) and the Villagatan alley (housestreet)

Trosa river upstreams. Behind the corner begins Trosa square. The big house on the left is Brogården (Bridgehouse).

Hi yellow leave tree 🙂

Hello yellw leaf road 😉

One of the small parks in the old parts of Trosa. Outside the picture there’s a building that used to be Trosa hospital, in Swedish they called it the sickhouse. Now the building stores our politicians. Some say the sickhouse never closed and that the politicians therefore are in the right place, hehe.

How does a treewalk in your neighborhood looks like? If you feel like doing a tree walk and tell us about it on your blog, share your link to your post in the comments.