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I found Santa!

Look what's up in the old oak tree! Santa and his wife 🙂 Click to enlarge the picture if you don't see them. Have a great first advent weekend. Anna

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Painting challenge

We did this challenge in our painter group Pink Bucket. And I thought I could share the challenge with you. The idea comes from Johan Hoflund on of the Pink Bucket members. 1.Choose a picture. A photograph or somthing else. 2.Paint a paper with watercolors, let dry, tear pieces and make an interpretation of the… Continue reading Painting challenge

oil paintings

Agnes balloons sold

   One of my paintings has found a new home. The first one this year, who moves out of my home to another home 🙂 I like when my paintings move out. They then reach out to more people than me and hopefully they give people joy and peace. This painting began with an already… Continue reading Agnes balloons sold

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You are my rock

With oil pastels this picture is possible to make. Lots of colourful fields make a rock with some water below as a mirror. You can turn the picture around if you like and get another point of view. The painting is on red paper. That gives an effect together with the pastel colour. If you… Continue reading You are my rock

Pastel paintings


Paint with pastels is fun. I did some pictures to try what I could do with just one color in different shades. I call them Blue, red, yellow and green light. Att måla med pastellkritor öppnar massor av möjligheter. Jag provade att hålla mig till en färg i taget med nyanser. Jag kallar dem blåljus,… Continue reading Pastellkritor/pastels