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When will we ever learn?

Can we stop this dystopian future... stop letting the stoneheaded people rule our world? We need to be planet attendants and stop listening to people that only seek forever world power I think. How do we do that? Anna I'll be back with a local version of this drawing in another post.

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Morning trees in Trosa

Around 7 o'clock in a late October morning the trees in west Trosa look like this. I never get tired of trees 🙂 Anna

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More trees :)

Fall, sun and colorful trees always makes me smile. They match perfectly. Join the tree walk movement if you want. Leave a link to your tree walk post in the comments if you want us to find your post. Anna

Challenges, Digital paintings, drawings, Trosa förbifart/Infart Västra, Trosa is the place

Are you a (hu)man or a mouse?

You probably heard the expression are you a man or a mouse thousands of times. We have it in Swedish too. "Är du en man eller en mus?"  Just a quick comment to my Swedish reader before I continue:  Ursäkta att texten är på engelska, men bloggen har över tusen utländska följare som under tre… Continue reading Are you a (hu)man or a mouse?

Digital paintings, drawings, Trosa förbifart/Infart Västra, Trosa is the place

Billions rain over Trosa? Miljardregn över Trosa?

svensk text nedanför den engelska Are you one of those who may participate in the Trosa Municipality new big road lottery? Trosa politicians have a quite brilliant idea. They have started a post code lottery south of Trosa. In order to implement the idea, they need to build a big road through the nature of… Continue reading Billions rain over Trosa? Miljardregn över Trosa?

Digital paintings, Trosa förbifart/Infart Västra

Don’t ever trust politicians!

    When the world recently met in Paris to achieve a save the Planet plan, the politicians in Trosa from every political party there is, decided to take a increasing pollution comprehensive plan for our municipality. You can read about it here at in Swedish "Samhällsbyggnadsnämnden fick under tiden 6 juli till… Continue reading Don’t ever trust politicians!