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Spring again – Vår igen

Do I need to say more that this drawing? Behöver jag säga mer eller säger teckningen allt? Oh well, it's beautiful outside anyway in Springtime. Men våren erbjuder ändå en härlig tid på något vis. Anna

Digital paintings, drawings, Nature miracles

Gråbo – Mugwort

It may be a beautiful plant but for those with allergies it's not a nice plant. I don't usually react on the pollen from Gråbo/Mugwort, but this year for some unknown reason I do. It's like Springtime all over again for me. Hmfr.../:| But it probably get better soon. It isn't a cold and that's… Continue reading Gråbo – Mugwort

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Ah finally rain!

I'm like this today. We finally got some real rain and I think nature feels like the one in the picture too. The air is cool again after several days with 30 C in the shaddow. I hope the rain wash away the pollen. My brain is not melting anymore. Sometimes I really like rain… Continue reading Ah finally rain!

Digital paintings, drawings

Is Spring really that fantastic?

Ritu wrote a pollen haiku that made me remember how Spring can be for some of us. One of my relatives used to say it would be nice if one could use the bottle brush through the ears to get rid of that itchy feeling in the ears in Springtime. Spring also have a bad… Continue reading Is Spring really that fantastic?