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First blogger ever?

Do you know his name?   He started his blog all alone.   Then he searched and gain one follower.   Slowly he founded more followers.   After a while he gained a whole bunch of followers, who in return recomended many more to follow the first blogger ever.   The blogger wandered his own… Continue reading First blogger ever?

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Funny milestone

I think this is a funny milestone. Number of posts so far on my blog equals number of followers of the blog! Anna

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Explain this

One morning I found this. Zero in my views stats, but not in the post view list. How come? I think it's about delayed stats updates. I found it amusing to see zero in one place and total views with a total different number below that zero area. Blog on! Anna

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I redecorated my blog again

Today I did some blog cleaning. I changed theme and deleted some links that didn't work. Looked over menu settings and I changed header image from winter ones to more colorful image. I want Spring now, so winter pics have to wait until next winter season now. I realize I spend most time on blogging… Continue reading I redecorated my blog again

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My pling orchestra is playing!

Thank you all for liking and comment my posts. Everytime you do that my ipad goes "pling". It's so nice to hear you're out there. I tried to find a picture that could match this little music post and I found it! Have a nice evening, night or morning wherever you are 😀 Anna   … Continue reading My pling orchestra is playing!

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The Talk

   The talk I visit my friend Melanies blog and got angry. Not at her but at Mr (or Mrs or Miss or whatever) Big shot up there, who is supposed to watch over us. Read her two post and you will get angry too and get tears in your eyes at the same time… Continue reading The Talk

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Do I really…

...follow your blogs? Yes, I do. Mostly when your posts appear in my reader. your posts? Yes, I do. But not always the long ones, when I've lack of time. your posts? Yes, I do, very often. But that doesn't mean I always press the like button. a post… Continue reading Do I really…

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Be my angel :)

Today I have absloutely nothing to say. Or I have a lot to say, but I don't have the time. Can you please help me filling this post with content? Leave a comment or two and we can get this post started. You can write whatever you want as long it's nice things. Don't be… Continue reading Be my angel 🙂

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Our future Library

This is a book Painting, a Library Painting. But not random books, not the usual Library. This is a very special Library. This is our future Library. This is all of our books, not yet written. This is your dreams of the novel you may write in the future. The one you carry inside your… Continue reading Our future Library

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Do I unfollow?

Yes I do, but not very often. When do I unfollow? When I get tired of massposting in my reader. It could be good posts, that I like, but when one or two bloggs appears with "one million" posts in a row, then the selection of posts in my reader gets smaller. I can't read… Continue reading Do I unfollow?

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Wake up call/att bryta mönster

Reading other persons blogs is really fun. You could learn a lot and find many interesting posts. I found this first: Be You Now And then I moved on to the originally post: Be You Now – Show Me Who You Really Are And I found out I have a picture that matches… Continue reading Wake up call/att bryta mönster

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Hurt :)

A week on wp can look like this when visiting nice wp friends blogs. Hurt, is a word that comes up in my mind when summing up a couple of days reading wp friends blogs. Melanie is at the hospital, hope all goes well. Jim hurt his knee in his decking project, hope all is… Continue reading Hurt 🙂