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WP weirdness

Have you noticed that my post Matilda Day appears in double versions? I have likes and comments on both so I can't erase one of them. Well I let them stay on the blog both of them. But it bugs me a bit. wP tricked me. When I made the post I got an error… Continue reading WP weirdness

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Sticky post

Do you know that you can stick a post on your blog? Look in the admin section and edit post. The post will appear as the first post on the blog no matter how many new posts you are publishing. Is it good or bad to stick a post or several on your blog? Well,… Continue reading Sticky post

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Lack of time? Repost!

I think we all find moments when we don't have enough time to write new posts every hour, day or even week. Some of your post probably stand the test of time. They're not expired. Why not repost them? I've tried this for a while now and it works. Not every reader and visitor have… Continue reading Lack of time? Repost!