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Do you have trouble with wp app?

Today I discovered (i think) why my wp app were so slow and worked bad. Lately I haven't been able to upload some blogs without being thrown out of the app. The uploads of comments, when I wanted to read comments on your blog, take ages or the app crashes. This is very irritating and… Continue reading Do you have trouble with wp app?

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Stats weirdness

   I like wp's weird stats. Today I got 101 likes so far, but only 43 views!  I'v learned that when you press like from the reader without click at the post for showing the whole post, the view stats don't count your view. So I probably have 101 views and not 43 today. But… Continue reading Stats weirdness

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Comments mess

Some of your comments seems to disappear from the notification section in wp app, but I can sometimes find them in the comments section. Until recently I never check that section. I thought everything should show up in the notifications. But apparently not. So, now I try to remember to check the comments list too.… Continue reading Comments mess

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Sea painting

I often read Jims Art Sunday posts. This time I read: Art Sunday #48: Anna Boch – The Shores of Brittany and that inspired me to do a quick dry pastel sketch. This is the result. Anna