Wroom or Thunk?

That’s the question that pops up in my head when I read Dannys post and Jims post.

Is it all about speed? Or should we slow down and look up?

Check out their posts and then you get why I did this drawing.

Very often the comments from you five me drawing ideas when it starts to get weird or funny.

Like this from Jims post.



Sagan har spridit sig till itrosa.se – The tale continue to spread

Titta! www.itrosa.se har uppmärksammat sagan om Ville Valle och Viktor

ITrosa är en nättidning som på ett mycket trevligt sätt rapporterar om Trosahändelser, så besök gärna sidan och läs mer om Trosa. Besök också tidningens fb-sida om ni vill ge artikeln ett gilla.

Look! My tale has spread to a local newspaper on internet. At www.itrosa.se you’ll find many articles about events in Trosa. Give it a read. It’s in Swedish though. If you eant to give the article a like, please visit the fb page itrosa and leave a like.

Vill du ocskå sprida sagan till dina läsare får du gärna göra det. Berätta gärna vart den hamnar.

If you want to share the tale too, please tell us about it and let us knoe where we find the reblog or linkback.


Sleepwalking in a hammock

A conversation with Andy from City Jack daw come to be about sleepwalking.

He said something about difficulties to sleepwalk in a hammock.

Those words immediately made a picture in my weird head.


It can’t be easy to rise up and sleep walk in a hammock. Have you tried?

Have a great day all of you!


Music and art in perfect match

Jims post A little something for those of us know what a Hepcat is.

reminded me of an old music cartoon

Do nothing till you hear from me animated – YouTube

I really like when art and music play so well together.



Reblogs and linkbacks

This seems to be a touchy subject, but I take the risk.

Jason/OM at HarsHReaLiTy and Danny at Dream big dream often 
says; sharing is caring. They’re right, when we share each other’s posts by linkbacks and reblogs. When we do that we automatically give credit to the author of the post we are referring to with a link or reblog a post and turn of comments and ask people to visit original post to leave comments.

Reblogs and linkbacks are not stealing. Stealing is when you copy a post and don’t give credit to the actual author and claim that the writing is your own work. That’s a huge difference from sharing, caring and giving credit to the right writer.

Why do we get the idea to reblog and use linkbacks?

The caring is an obvious cause. If we want to help each other to get more readers and followers, we reblog posts we find interesting to share with our own readers to give them a chance to find new great blogs. We simply share our readers and followers with our wp friends.

Reblogs can also help your own blog finding new readers. Your reblog shows up in the comments in the original post. Some readers of that blog may think your kindness to reblog is worth a visit at your blog. You also get the attention of the blogger that wrote the post.

The linkback works almost similar. If you write a post and want to refer to a post that inspired your post, you can link back to that post to give your readers a chance to check out your inspiration source.
When you do that, the linkback shows in the comments in the post your link goes to and the blogger gets a notification about your linkback.

When you reblog a post you can be polite and turn off the comments for that post. You can read more about that in this post:


If you do that you show that your reblog is a way of caring and not stealing other writers work. The credit and the comments goes to the writer. You get the likes for your caring. Reblogged posts always have a link back to the original post, so you don’t have to do anything else but to reblog and turn off comments in the post settings.

With linkbacks you can still have your comments on. Then it is your writing in the post and the links to other post is just a way of telling where you got your information or inspiration from. You are the writer and therefore you should have the credit and comments.

So, how do we reblog and put in linkbacks?

This is how I do. If your administrate your blog from browser you might find this way of doing it weird. I often manage my blog from my ipad in wp app. So this is an ipad way of reblog and linkback.

I’ve used Jims post in the examples.

Finding the post in your reader in wp app that you wanna reblog or link to:

Open the post in your browser.

In the end of the post you find a reblog button. If you don’t find a reblog button, the writer has turned off the reblog option. Then you shall not try to reblog in any other way. Respect the author wish not to reblog the post.

When you press the reblog button you get a chance to write something that explains your decision to reblog to your readers. If you don’t want to write anything you just press reblog and leave the writing field empty.

When you reblog a post you can be polite and turn off the comments for that post. You can read more about that in this post:


How to make a linkback:

Press the posts url and copy. Make sure you’re in the full post and not just at the home page of the blog. You can link the blog url address too, but that doesn’t show up in the notifications the same way as a post linkback does.

The chain symbol is the link option. Mark your word or postname you want to put a link behind. Paste the url for the post you want to link to.

Good luck and happy blogging 🙂


More time!

Thumbup found interesting fact. There actually is more time available this year!

Check the post out.


I did a moretime-painting couple of years ago.

The box says “more time” in Swedish


Icecream bar?

If you haven’t found Blair Gaultons blog yet, hurry over and read his poems and absurd thoughts of the day.

The absurd thoughts of the day makes images in my head every time I read them.
I did a drawing of one of them.
You can read the absurd thought of the day, that I created a drawing from, here:
Absurd Thought of the Day July 27th 2015 by Blair Gaulton | Toutons Tubas and Other Tales

This is a “payback” for him putting words to two of my paintings. You can see my reblogs of them here:

The Legend of the Astronaut Scorpion by Blair Gaulton | FärgaregårdsAnna – Annas Art

Time’s Holiday Revolution by Blair Gaulton | FärgaregårdsAnna – Annas Art

I like when words creates nice images in my head.


Icecream bar

Existentialism in micro universe

Found an old post that I think is still a funny one, just look at the drawings 🙂
I read two posts and the comments in them

Men and Women As Friends

i’m gonna talk about sex… | Jdawgswords

that reminded me of a drawing I did a couple of years ago from a script I wrote to my local theatre friends back then.

I have translated the talking in the drawing, so I hope you can understand what the story is about.
I did a short visit in micro universe and discovered that there seems to be some existentialism thinking there too 😉


If the images is to small to read I think you can click them to get a bigger picture 🙂




Drawing challenge 

My own final result of the drawing challenge in:

Do a drawing or painting you too! It’s fun 🙂

There is no right or wrong in this challenge. You just do the drawing or painting you feel like doing.



Painting or drawing challenge

This was our challenge last time me and my friends in the paintergroup Pink bucket met.

Capture the shapes

My drawing went like this

I’m not finished yet, but I have come half way.

How do your interpretation of the shapes look like?

If you do a drawing or a painting, please show it in a post in your blog and tell us where we can find it by leaving a link in yhe comments.

If you don’t have a blog or don’t want to make a post but still want to show your drawing/painting, please let me know. Then I can make a post.

If you do make a post on your blog I will reblog if I find it 🙂

Happy drawing time!

Good luck with the challenge 🙂


Painting challenge

We did this challenge in our painter group Pink Bucket. And I thought I could share the challenge with you. The idea comes from Johan Hoflund on of the Pink Bucket members.

1.Choose a picture. A photograph or somthing else.

2.Paint a paper with watercolors, let dry, tear pieces and make an interpretation of the chosen picture by glueing the pieces on a paper.

3.Put the photgraph away.

4. Do a drawing or painting out of the teared pieces picture.

I did this teared paper pieces picture (from a photo that Johan Hoflund has taken at the west coast of Sweden)

I’m not done with 4. yet, but I’ll be back to show you the result.

Meanwhile you can do your own 1-4 challenge. If you want to share it with us wp friends, please tell in the comments where we can find your post. I reblog if I find it 🙂

Good luck with yor art making!


How’s your day?

Evening time in Trosa couple of weeks ago

Morning time the other day, still January but no snow left, all is grey and dark and rainy

I want Spring with light mornings, birds singing and some warmness. NOW!

How’s your days over at your place? 

Make a post and leave a link in the comments.

This blog have visitors from about hundred countries in a year. We should be able to get reports from all over the world!

Greetings from Sweden 🙂


Balloon man

Or like this

I’ve finished my balloon man. How are your balloon man going? If you didn’t read the challenge, take a look at this post:

Painting/drawing challenge – Annas Art – FärgaregårdsAnna

So far two more than me have done a balloon man. You can check them out here:



This is really fun to see how different paintings can come out of the same original.

Here’s the original balloon man, by Johan Hoflund.

Join the challenge!


Painting/drawing challenge

At the latest session my painters friends and I had we did interpretations of this:

How would your interpretation look like if you do a painting or drawing out of this?
Use your imagination and go for it.

Mine look like this right now. I hadn’t time to color it in, so it’s a work in progress.

If you do a drawing or a painting, please show us in a post on your blog and if you like, link back to this post, so people can find your version.

I can also reblog your post if you like.

Good luck with your art! You don’t have to be an artist to do this. Just do something that might leads back to the balloon man in the chair 🙂

The balloon man is made by Johan Hoflund. You can see his artwork at www.johanhoflund.se and on fb an insta.


Comments in reblogged posts

I try to get time to read as many posts as I can when I visit your blogs. Almost every post is interesting and worth reblogs.

I don’t reblog often, but when I do I want to turn comments off in the reblog post so the original writer of the post get the credit and appreciation in the original post instead of the reblogged post.

I asked wp support about this. They answers like this:


I reblog for showing a great post that some of you might have missed otherwise. I reblog for showing you where I get my inspiration from sometimes. I reblog for helping fellow bloggers to reach out to new readers.

I love comments, but I don’t think I deserve all friendly comments in a post I didn’t wrote. I think those comments belong to the writer.

I’m not a technical genious, I don’t get why wp can’t give us alternative to turn comments off. Can it be that hard to make it possible?

Happy blogging to you all!