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When the last lie is told

Wise words that apply well on save Trosa nature issue!

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15 december

Read the English version in the comments in the original post. Happy reading/Anna

Du finns - en decembersaga i kalenderform

Jag vaknar i fullständigt mörker. Inte en enda lampa i huset fungerar. Strömavbrott igen, tänker jag. Eller Roffe, som skruvat ur ännu fler lampor.

Jag har tröttnat på mörkret. Jag snubblar i ilskan fram till ytterdörren. Jag tänker gå till Albertina, se om hon har något ljus och lite frukost till mig. Sedan ska jag till skolan.

Godmorgon, säger Albertina till mig. Hon undrar varför jag kommer så tidigt till henne. Jag förklarar mörkret hemma. Det går inte att hitta någonting. Inte ens frukost. Albertina lovar att ordna frukost åt mig. Inte ska du gå hungrig, säger hon.

Jag får varm choklad och nybakat bröd. Hon frågar om mössan. Jag funderar på om jag vågar berätta att jag inte har den kvar. Men innan det kan göra henne arg hinner jag berätta att jag givit den till Lucia, som sitter inlåst och kan behöva den bättre.

Albertina tycker att jag…

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Meet & Greet at 800!

We are now over 800 followers of Annas Art FärgaregårdsAnna. That's amazingly many, I think. It's time for a new meet & greet session. Leave your link to your blog and/or blogs you want to tell other readers about in the comments. You don't have to do anything more than leaving a link and some… Continue reading Meet & Greet at 800!

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Up to surface

   This post by Stephellaneous caught my attention and reading time today. The Shrinkening Commences Please give her some oxygen. We can all help her on the way up to surface if she has enough oxygen in here diving tubes. Go visit her blog. She's an excellent writer 🙂 Her first therapist called us… Continue reading Up to surface

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Sea painting

I often read Jims Art Sunday posts. This time I read: Art Sunday #48: Anna Boch – The Shores of Brittany and that inspired me to do a quick dry pastel sketch. This is the result. Anna   

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Edwinlives4ever The Crow Reborn told me in a comment about Inktober. You can read more about Inktober here: I will try this if I somehow find the time. Drawings with ink is fun. Give it a try, all of you 🙂 Anna

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Never ending blogger

What have I missed about blogging in this picture? Anna

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Aaaaaawwwwww WP updates getting worse if that was even possible! I have to spend far too much time to check every post I've made or rescheduled since last app update and turn like and share buttons on foe every post. That means less time to read your fantastic blogs, making new posts and leave comments in… Continue reading WP APP UPDATE SUCKS!!!!!!

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Reblog button no longer in wp app

Just so you know. Updates aren't always improvements, but I'll guess you know that by now with wp updates 🙂 Anna

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This is a great post from Aspiblog.

I think We are all humans and we are all different and also should be that. I’m a half hearing person, but don’t see that as an error that need to be cured.

I don’t know all about being autistic, but I can relate to some things that often is labeled as autistic. I once read a book that opened my eyes totally. The author tells about her childhood as an autistic girl, only she doesn’t know about it until she’s adult.
Her story was very interesting to read and I could recognize some of her experiences.

I’m just a High Sensitive Person (HSP), but after I read that book I realized I could have “choosen” the autistic things as well, but I didn’t.

It’s nothing you really choose, but with more courage I could have been more autistic in my childhood than I dared to be.

I don’t know if the book is translated, it should be but you can read about the book here. If you read Swedish 🙂

En annorlunda barndom – Wikipedia (a different childhood, author Iris Johansson)



This post is by way of a public response to two blog posts that I have recently encountered. I am writing this because in twitter speak I am #actuallyautistic.


The post that first planted the germ of an idea for this piece in my mind was published by Autism Mom under the title “Sometimes I don’t know what to think”. In it she mentions being at an autism related event and hearing someone talk about “curing” their son’s autism.

The other post that helped to spark this was published this morning on under the title “15 things I tell my friends when they’re facing an autism diagnosis”. As a sample of what to expect I offer two paragraphs (they are not contiguous in the actual piece)…

Be wary of “cures” and “recovery.”
One of the first books I read about autism was…

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Beauty / Despite

Sometimes creativity reach perfect-ness and this is one of those moments, I think. Beautiful post!

Richard M. Ankers

Ice Poppies copy

Come Winter storm

Come rain, then snow

The tundra’s call

Is heard below

As seed does stir

And beauty strive

To cut the crust

To come alive

And know you all

Despite the cold

A flower blooms

Does not grow old

The Winter Poppy

In indigo


In Arctic snow

The gift of beauty

Its to give

So delicate

Amongst snowdrifts

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