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How did it go – Hur gick det?

Yesterday I published this two posts I går publicerade jag följande inlägg The stats looked like this before publishing. Så här såg statistiken ut före publicering. Så här såg den ut dagen efter The day after, the stats looked like this To me amazing numbers in views, sharings and country stats. För mig… Continue reading How did it go – Hur gick det?

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The tale post are out there again

Sharing is caring and this time Jim from random writings on the bathroom wall shared one of my posts about the tale of an unnecessary road. Thanks Jim! And if you haven't visited or not already follow Jims blog. Stop by and say Hi to Jim and you will have a nice chat ahead :)… Continue reading The tale post are out there again

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The tale is spreading again 

Thomas at aspiblog   has shared the tale about an unnecessary road at Sharing is caring, so thank you very much Thomas 🙂 You can read the whole story here In Swedish, Ville Valle och Viktor In English, Yanno Dunno and Victor And please stop by Aspiblog and look at beautiful Scotland photos.  Anna

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Swedish snakes

At you can watch a common Swedish snake in several posts. There's a lot of bird posts too at the blog. Check it out if you want to see some Swedish nature and animals. You can read the text in English. There's a little sign in the webb version of the blog saying English.  I… Continue reading Swedish snakes

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What does stats tells you?

We are all in some way stats addicts But stats can also tell us something about how we blog This year is almost over, but I can already see that I got more hits than last year I can also see which posts that collected most views. It's interesting in several ways. Some posts I… Continue reading What does stats tells you?