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Vitalismålningen – the Vitalis painting by Ljunggren

This is a photo of a wall painting by Reinhold Ljunggren a painter from the 1900's who lived in Trosa for a while and painted lots of Trosa houses and landscapes. But he also did this big painting. It's a wall in one of the schools in Trosa, Vitalisskolan that have this beautiful painting. In… Continue reading Vitalismålningen – the Vitalis painting by Ljunggren

Trosa paintings/Trosamåleri, What ever

Homage to Ljunggren

Vi har i Trosa sedan 1940-tal kunnat stoltsera med att kunna visa upp förlagorna till Reinhold Ljunggrens Trosamåleri. Vi har som hyllning till Ljunggren hävdat att vi kan återuppbygga Trosa efter hans målningar. Men hur länge till kan vi rida på denne store konstnärs gärning för Trosa. Ärligt talat, hur många motiv kan ni idag… Continue reading Homage to Ljunggren

Pastel paintings, Trosa paintings/Trosamåleri


In these days, in my little town Trosa, the winter are still holding back the springtime for a while. The winter landscape are like some paintings by the great swedish artist Reinhold Ljunggren (1920-2006). You can almost believe you walk in a painting, when you're out walking. You can se some of his paintings here.… Continue reading Wintertime!