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Is Spring really that fantastic?

Ritu wrote a pollen haiku that made me remember how Spring can be for some of us. One of my relatives used to say it would be nice if one could use the bottle brush through the ears to get rid of that itchy feeling in the ears in Springtime. Spring also have a bad… Continue reading Is Spring really that fantastic?

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No 18 drawing in my goals for 2017

I did one more drawing. One of the spaceship passengers tells us about how they seek savoury by escaping to their dreams. They stand with one leg in an ocean of feelings and the other one in total lack of feelings. They asked themselves but forgot to answer, they dreamed of a life but forgot… Continue reading No 18 drawing in my goals for 2017

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All Saints Day

This weekend we celebrate All Saints Day. In Sweden that means remembering those who have passed. Our nearest, our friends and maybe others too. We light candles in churchyards. It is so beautiful, but also sad yet hopeful, I can't decide which. It's sad that many of my relatives and friends have passed, but it's… Continue reading All Saints Day

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Blue hearts

Found another picture that I've done on a phone screen. What does Blue hearts means to you? I have no idea what I was thinking when I drew the picture. It was too long ago to remember. Anna   

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Speak Swedish part 2

Today you gonna learn a Swedish word you'll never forget. I can almost promise you that. It's not a difficult word, nor a long one with lots of letters to remember. It's a word linking other words together and in that meaning it do no harm or do not upset anyone. But when we single… Continue reading Speak Swedish part 2

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Father’s Day

   Today we celebrate Father's day in Sweden. So, happy Father's day all of you, who are fathers 🙂 My dad was great, though he passed away way too soon, when I was 24. I wish he had stayed around longer, but that was not for us do decide. Heaven obviously needed him, more than… Continue reading Father’s Day

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I’m gonna make you cry (maybe)

Moonlight tonight 🙂 I read Love is Stronger than Death | Emmagc75's Blog and felt for her loss and also remembered all my losses of near family. Then I read Silent footsteps | sonofabeach96 and his comments in my post Be my angel 🙂 | Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna Immediately I come to think of… Continue reading I’m gonna make you cry (maybe)