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Collage making – gör ett collage

Find some friends of yours. Invite them for tea and smorgas. Have a nice time around the table and then after the teabreak suggest them that you all make a theme art piece. The theme could be Swedish summer or something else. Find some old magazines that you're done with, glue and some pieces of… Continue reading Collage making – gör ett collage

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Paint on old CD

I saw Buddha9s post: and thought that was a great idea to try in my own way. This is the result so far. The first one is Solberga i Vagnhärad Solberga is Swedish and means sunny hill. Vagnhärad is the nearest city to Trosa. The second one is Långhagen i Vagnhärad (där föddes min… Continue reading Paint on old CD

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Trosa church in cardboard

   I've built a church! Oh well, at least a little church. I used cardboard, that I otherwise should have thrown away. With a little colors on the cardboard I made it look like a little building. It's Trosa church. You can see the real church on the little picture in the photo. I'm gonna… Continue reading Trosa church in cardboard

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Trosa harbor in cardboard

      Another cardboard building. This time the buildings in Trosa harbor. It's fun building things in cardboard. You learn how the pieces match together and you lern by doing misstakes. I use cardboard that otherwise would have gone to recycling, so if I cut a piece the wrong way it isn't the end of… Continue reading Trosa harbor in cardboard

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Julaftons fyr in cardboard

      We have a lighthouse in Trosa archipelago with the name "Julafton" which in English is Christmas eve. The story says that a ship was in mayday mode near the lighthouse, but the crew manage to survive. Since then the lighthouse is called Christmas eve lighthouse. It is one of the most photographed object… Continue reading Julaftons fyr in cardboard

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Blue sailboat

What can I say. Love sailboats 🙂 Anna   

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The wind is back!

If you also missed OM when he took a break for a few days, I now in my reader, see he's back.Blogging and reading blogs rocks again ;)I have come to understad he is the one who sets the tempo in our forever on going blog-racing without intention that someone has to win in the… Continue reading The wind is back!

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Reuse art – Jesushuset Trosa

Ta en kartongbit eller något annat du har till hands, ta fram akvarellfärgerna eller vad du har i färgväg, välj ett favoritmotiv och sätt igång. Svårare behöver vi inte göra det för oss. Den här kartongbiten gjorde jag som en liten gåva. Jag valde att måla i skissartade penseldrag och nästan låta det se slarvigt… Continue reading Reuse art – Jesushuset Trosa

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Vindstilla – reuse art

Jag fick ett tips om att pröva måla på t ex kartong. Reuse art handlar helt enkelt om att måla på sådant som annars skulle gått till återvinning eller soporna. Kartongen ger en randstruktur i botten och med akvarellfärger, som i det här testet, går det att använda ytterst få färger och ändå få fram… Continue reading Vindstilla – reuse art