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Gröngöling – green woodpecker

The other day this little friend came visit the little water pound outside our house. Häromdagen kom denna kompis på besök i en liten vattensamling i berget utanför huset. Green woodpecker is on the endangered species list in Sweden.  Gröngölingen står på rödlistan. So nice to see the bird. Så roligt att få se gröngölingen.… Continue reading Gröngöling – green woodpecker

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European green woodpecker – Gröngöling

I saw this bird flying in the woods today. It's a very quick drawing, so it's not a great one. I couldn't catch it on camera, the bird was too fast for me. The green woodpecker is protected and on the red list of endangered species in Sweden. The bird lives in the Tureholm peninsula… Continue reading European green woodpecker – Gröngöling