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Free as a bird – Fri som en fågel

Free as a bird - Fri som en fågel Today I saw a flying human being over the roof tops. Idag såg jag en flygande människa ovanför takåsarna. Freedom feeling or scareness? Frihetskänsla eller skräckkänsla? Anna

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Roof #inktober 2021-10-13

Todays prompt from inktober is ROOF. My take on the prompt looks like this Sittning on a roof with stars all over the night sky. One of our Swedish singers Sofia Karlsson wrote a song about Stars over Asahikawa long time ago. I very much like that song. If you don't understand swedish I google… Continue reading Roof #inktober 2021-10-13


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White dove drama

I've been watching a white dove since last year that showed up among the dark doves. Jag har sedan förra året spanat in en vit duva som dök upp bland de blågrå duvorna. Well it is almost entirely white. Must be a peace bird 🙂 Den har nästan bara vita fjädrar. Måste väl ändå vara… Continue reading White dove drama

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New alarm clock?

   This time of the year, we know for a fact when Spring has arrived here in my town Trosa, Sweden. We get a new alarm clock. Very efficient, very hard to ignore, but also impossible to control. I'm talking about the seagulls. The come here every Spring, making noise all over town and eventually… Continue reading New alarm clock?

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White wagtail

   One of the really merry Spring signs is the White wagtail coming back to us after winter season. I spotted the very first White wagtail of the year on the roof recently. I didn't have a camera at the time, so you have to take my word and my drawing as proof 🙂 I… Continue reading White wagtail