Coal boat – kolbåt?

I made this drawing with coal crayon. Denna bild gjorde jag med kolkrita.

It was fun but dusty. Det var kul men dammigt.



Early digital drawing

Found an old piece of digital drawing from 2011.

I haven’t been around much here with you my friends in a couple of days. Hope to be back soon, but the so called real life takes very much time right now. 

Happy blogging and thanks for always being here whenever I’m here 🙂 


Sail away

Reuse art on cardboard

I found an old painting. I ilke it. Makes me remember summer days.

We’re in a rainy month now. We need the rain, but the darkness this time of year gets even darker with the rainy clouds. So I try to lighten up inside by remember summer days 🙂


Sailboat season starts

Today I saw a red sailboat with white sails in the afternoon sun. So beautiful and the longing for a warmer and brighter season grew stronger. The Spring sun is warm but the winds are still cold. Not warm spring or summer yet.

My interpretation of the boat. I paint on rock with chalk crayons.


Sail away again

Another sailboat. Found this painting when I moved some stuff in my paintings corner. I remember I didn’t thought it was finished when I put the painting away. But now I think I leave it as it is.



Me undressed at the beach #inktober 27 october 2015

What did you expect?

This is truly me undressed:)

Happy halloween, spread love, not fear!


Fairy tale country

Jim at

is taking us wp friends on a tour in fairy tale landscapes right now. Castles, rivers, boats,water,sculptures,green mountains and beautiful cities.

I’m stuck at my work, my home and my ipad, yet I can almost imagine that I’m travel in that landscape by reading Jims posts.

If you want to get away from your reality for a while, stop by at Jims blog and travel a bit 🙂

I just have to do a fairy tale painting as soon as I can. My inspiration says so 🙂


Sail away (monotypi)

Sailboat and shark


Autumn is sometimes about boat hauling . Slightly melancholic but when autumn storms come it’s nice to have the boats on land. Sailboats sometimes miss their mast. Then, they look like this. Beside a swimming shark having keel in reverse 🙂


Freshly painted

My way of relaxing. Paint a sailboat with pastel crayons. Tomorrow is a new lovely day I hope. Even if it’s workday. But workdays can be really good too. At least for me 🙂

Mitt sätt att koppla av en lång helg med mycket på programmet. Måla en pastelltavla. I morgon börjar en ny härlig dag även om det betyder arbetsdag. De dagarna innehåller mycket av det goda de med. I alla fall för mig 🙂



Sun red sails/Solröda segel

Today I saw a sailboat on the horizon in the spring sunshine. It takes a while until they sun red sails shows up in the summer twilights, but soon.

Idag såg jag en segelbåt i horisonten i vårsolen. Det dröjer ett tag tills de solröda seglen dyker upp i sommarens skymningar, men snart så.


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