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A glass of wine day :)

After a long work day I got rewarded with one glass of wine, so todays drawing looks like this That glass of wine reminded me of a Swedish art artist and singer songwriter artist Mr Robert Brobergs song A big glass of wine. You can watch it here: After the Swedish lyrics you can… Continue reading A glass of wine day 🙂

Pastel paintings, Trosa is the place

Sun visit Trosa :)

A November morning in Trosa Sweden can look like this and it did today. We actually have sunshine today. It's wonderful! Anna

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Meet & Greet at 1000!

I don't know how it happened, but we're now 1000 followers here with the email-followers.  That means Meet and Greet celebration. Leave your link in the comment and feel free to tell us about your blog and maybe also why you follow this blog and how you found it. You are all welcome to promote… Continue reading Meet & Greet at 1000!

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Pling Sunday evenings

I almost always know when it's Sunday afternoon and evening. Then my ipad starts to go pling, pling, pling.....pling, pling and so on with much more intense than in mornings.  My stats shows that Sunday evenings collects a lot of views. If I had post something new and not just repost an old post. That… Continue reading Pling Sunday evenings