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City planning – Översiktsplan comments – yttrande

Where on earth have I been? Var har jag tagit vägen? I've been occupied by writing comments on our politicians suggestion for city planning. Jag har tagit mog tid att skriva yttrande över våra politikers förslag till Översiktsplan. As an artist I chosed a different way of commenting the plan. I sent my Yanno Dunno… Continue reading City planning – Översiktsplan comments – yttrande

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What can you do? Vad kan du göra?

I found a YouTube link to a documentary that can give us ideas about what we can do for nature and climate changes. Jag hittade en länk till en film som vi visat på Lagnö filmklubb som kan ge oss tips på vad vi kan göra för naturen och klimatförändringarna. Here it is, watch if… Continue reading What can you do? Vad kan du göra?

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Läs mitt debatt inlägg på Dn Åsikt – read my letter to editor at Dn Åsikt

Läs debattinlägg om granbarkborren på DN åsikt ifall ni vill. Ni hittar inlägget här: Som ni vet sedan tidigare gillar jag att försvara trädens rätt att finnas till. Vi behöver träden för vår överlevnad. If you're able to translate from Swedish to your language you can visit and read about how we can… Continue reading Läs mitt debatt inlägg på Dn Åsikt – read my letter to editor at Dn Åsikt

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When will we ever learn?

Can we stop this dystopian future... stop letting the stoneheaded people rule our world? We need to be planet attendants and stop listening to people that only seek forever world power I think. How do we do that? Anna I'll be back with a local version of this drawing in another post.


The authorities for protecting nature fails big time

Please visit the blog fotobloggarna and read about the terrible ignorance the protect nature authorities shows when people point out that the protected snakes are threatened and needs help with their reproduction areas. It's a shame that authorities that suppose to protect nature don't give a xz&@qrf about it. There's an English version of the text… Continue reading The authorities for protecting nature fails big time

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All the people

I'm an old fashion iPod listener and all of a sudden there it was. In the random flow of my music library. Just the song I needed to hear today. A Swedish artist, Stephen Simmonds, All the people And the pictures I need today is  We need to take better care of mother Earth.… Continue reading All the people

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Power Listen to the voice of nature

A while ago I did a drawing our of wise words from Thomas at aspiblog. This weekend I visited an exhibition that one of my artist friends had. She told me about a poster she did when she felt we do too little for saving nature. This is the poster I think it's a great… Continue reading Power Listen to the voice of nature

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Magnolia dreams

I have a Magnolia outside my window and this year it might bloom for the first time since we planted the tree. It's not Spring yet, but I hope I get to see the tree bloom this year. So my drawing today become a Magnolia dream drawing. I'm sorry I haven't been around visiting your… Continue reading Magnolia dreams

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Black day for nature

I'm wining today for the sake of nature. I am perfectly healthy and have nothing to complain about really. But today I found out once again that our authorities that's supposed to protect nature don't give a da__ about nature. They are too busy helping people that wants to destroy nature. When you try to… Continue reading Black day for nature

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A new year means new possibilities Be that possibility Take the chance of making difference Be that difference A new year means a new era Be that era Create the era of wisdom Be that wisdom A new year means a new chance for human survival Be that chance Help nature, our human saviour number… Continue reading BE THAT LIGHT

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To break patterns

This painting is for me about breaking patterns. Do you have that expression in your language? In Swedish break patterns is "bryta mönster". By that we mean break old and maybe even bad habits. You have probably felt stuck in old habits sometime, or felt anxious about doing something else than you usually do. I… Continue reading To break patterns

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No 7 drawing in my goals for 2016

The dancing through days and night ends and what to do then? This is the seventh drawing in a long series of drawings I'm planning to make. I will tell you more about the project when I get a little bit further 🙂 What's your goals? Do you have projects? Let us know about them… Continue reading No 7 drawing in my goals for 2016

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Trosa in wintertime

   An old painting of Trosa in what used to be our industrial area, but have turned into shopping area the last ten to fifteen years. Some say it's a good thing and I wonder where our entrepreneurs and their employees shall work in the future. We can not just shop, shop, shop. We have… Continue reading Trosa in wintertime

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I simply don’t get it

One thing I do get, is that mankind is NOT the smartest living creature on earth. I don't know how we sometimes come to the conclusion that we are smart. Cause we're not! We hunger for money. And in our constant hunt for more money, we kill not only each other, we kill nature, poison… Continue reading I simply don’t get it