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Can you help me find a problem impossibly to solve?

In my series of drawings inspired of a space poem I have now come to a point where I should do a drawing about a person who find an answer to an unsolved problem.  I want to use one of the world known unsolved problems in the science area. Mathematics, physics or something like that.… Continue reading Can you help me find a problem impossibly to solve?

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December 10 2017 Nobel Prize day

Today it's the Nobel Prize day. Big official day in Sweden for many. For me it's just an ordinary day, but I think it's nice and important to give smart people some attention for their efforts in science, litterateur and peace. The Nobel prize day is such attention day. We are all smart people and… Continue reading December 10 2017 Nobel Prize day

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Our mathematical universe

I've read a really interesting book about our universe. I'm not a Swedish genious like the author Max Tegmark, so I don't understand all of what he's saying, but the book is an amazing journey through space and our consciousness. He spins our minds with his words and his thoughts about multiuniverses and I think… Continue reading Our mathematical universe