Is it snowing on your blog?

A post at Aspiblog made me aware of something I didn't had thought about. The snowing on wp blogs in December. I always thought that was a nice little extra in December. But not everyone reader see it that way. The snowing can disturb the reading. So this year, no more snowing on my blog.… Continue reading Is it snowing on your blog?

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Let it snow on your blog!

For those of you who haven't discover how to make snow on your blog. Go to your settings and general and you will find the setting for snow on your blog. I tell you that's about the only place I wanna see snow on. It's shovel free snow! Okay, Christmas snow is ok too ;)… Continue reading Let it snow on your blog!

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Aaaaaawwwwww WP updates getting worse if that was even possible! I have to spend far too much time to check every post I've made or rescheduled since last app update and turn like and share buttons on foe every post. That means less time to read your fantastic blogs, making new posts and leave comments in… Continue reading WP APP UPDATE SUCKS!!!!!!