No 34 drawing in my goals for 2018

We’re still in a spaceship lost in space. One man worship the female pilot. Here nails glows like lamps he says in the poem I’m getting inspiration from to this drawing.

It’s a bad photo of the drawing, but I hope you can se something anyway.



Sail away again

Another sailboat. Found this painting when I moved some stuff in my paintings corner. I remember I didn’t thought it was finished when I put the painting away. But now I think I leave it as it is.



Your shadow are… #inktober 22 october 2015

Remember this,
To the bullied:
Your shadow are smaller than You
To the bully:
Your shadow are bigger than You

We are all equal, no one is bigger or smaller than others, we are equal!

The bullied often think less of them selves and the bully think far to much of them selves. Or at least they try to act like that. 

Why can’t we all just treat each other equal? It’s the easiest way, I think.


Hey you all 300!

And a couple of more than 300 now.
Thanks for stopping by my blog once in a while 🙂

Really nice to “see” you and “hear” what you have to say. You’re all a big inspiration. You give me new thoughts everyday. Thanks!

I try my very best, when I have time, to read your blogs, which also gives me new thoughts everytime I read your posts.

When I reached the 200 milestone we celebrated with a one word challenge in a meet and greet.

With a hundred more followers we can celebrate with a two word challenge.

Describe your blog with TWO words and give us a link to your blog in the comments. If you want us to find your blog.

This challenge is for everyone who reads this post. You don’t have to be a follower. You are all welcome!

Have a nice evening, night, morning or day, where ever you are!