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More snow again

This morning Snowy kayaks. You won't belive it, but one kayak actually got in the water today. Not me, but I saw another person step in a kayak and paddle away. Brrr! Snowy trees are beautiful 🙂 Five hours of snow shoveling today. My exercise is done for today. Lovely weather with so much fresh… Continue reading More snow again

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Stats not the only thing that falls

Shoveling snow this evening. Sorry for not being here with you instead. I wasn't around much here yesterday either. The stats clearly show what you think of my absence 😉 I'm not a stats addict, but I miss you all when I don't have time to be here. I hope you all are okay. If… Continue reading Stats not the only thing that falls

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Winter wonderland?

My brain seems to have gone into hibernation. I don't know what to write in this post really. Our Swedish bears in the north skip winter that way and I can totally understand them. Winter landscapes are beautiful, but there's no light, lots of shoveling snow and it's cold outside. Maybe if I could be… Continue reading Winter wonderland?